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The New Foxtel Experience houses all of Australia’s best TV and On-Demand programs — including streaming giant Netflix— all in one convenient place. The good news is, you can get access to Foxtel’s entertainment packs and save more when you get it from Telstra. Save as much as $40/month when you stay connected for 12 months.

Last audited 10 Nov 2020

Same TV, sport, and movie packages but cheaper – get the New Foxtel Experience from  Telstra. Enjoy good entertainment and discounts on Foxtel bundles for a full year when you get Foxtel from Telstra.

How it works

Simply head to Telstra’s website and sign up for any of their Foxtel from Telstra TV packs. The offer applies to new Foxtel or new Foxtel from Telstra customers who have not had a Foxtel service in the last 3 months. After 12 months, you will roll over onto standard month to month plans.

Why you should get Foxtel from Telstra today

  • Experience Foxtel’s latest iQ4
  • Discounted entertainment packages
  • No lock-in contract, cancel anytime
  • Sports HD and Movies HD bundles for only $50/month
  • Option to add Netflix

How to get Foxtel from Telstra?


Sign up to Foxtel from Telstra using this offer link.


Select your package and wait for installation.


Stream instantly after sign-up via Foxtel Go.

What’s streaming on Foxtel

Easily change your packs or cancel at any time
The New Foxtel Experience

The New Foxtel Experience provides customers the nifty iQ3 and iQ4 set top boxes a completely redesigned experience, with the integration of two of the biggest pay and streaming TV providers in the country. With this comes a simplified and more user-friendly interface that makes it easier for customers to navigate through Foxtel’s 16,000 hours of on-demand TV.

Stream Instantly with the Foxtel Now app
Get Netflix with Foxtel from Telstra

The integration of Netflix and Foxtel brings together these two TV powerhouses under one roof, which can be accessed by two separate buttons on the remote. Customers with the iQ4 are the ones who will be treated to the New Foxtel Experience that includes Netflix, delivering the very best of TV. 

Watch on-demand sports now!
Stream Instantly with the Foxtel Go App

Subscribing to any TV pack from Foxtel from Telstra allows you to use the Foxtel Go app, which is completely for free. The app lets you watch your shows based on the pack you’ve subscribed to, made available across a number of compatible devices like your mobile and tablet. There’s no need to wait for the Foxtel installation to be completed because you can easily use the app instantly upon subscription. 

Watch on any of these devices

Stream Foxtel from Telstra on any of these devices instantly:

Stream the best movies, shows, drama, and sports

What people are asking about Foxtel from Telstra

  • What is the Difference between Foxtel and Foxtel From Telstra?

While both provide the exact same high-quality premium TV service delivered by Foxtel, with Foxtel From Telstra you subscribe to the service via Telstra and are able to have it added to your regular monthly Telstra bill. Not only can this be convenient, it can also be extremely good value. Telstra’s prices and offers for Foxtel are different from those available through Foxtel itself, and low-cost bundles are almost always on offer.

  • Does Foxtel From Telstra Require a Long-Term Contract?

Unlike Foxtel itself, which offers its discounted bundles on a 12-month plan, Foxtel From Telstra has no lock-in contracts at all. Customers are free to cancel whenever they like and only pay for the months they’ve used, with nothing extra to pay as long as the iQ4 box is returned. This makes Foxtel From Telstra a good choice for those who are renting their home or apartment.

  • Is There an Installation Charge with Foxtel From Telstra?

Yes, there is a $100 installation charge that applies to all the bundles offered by Foxtel From Telstra. Installation is needed when you’re connecting at a home that doesn’t yet have a Foxtel satellite disc and wall sockets installed – a technician will come out to set those up for you. If your home already has a dish installed, you can request a self-install kit and not need to pay the fee for a technician visit.

  • Are the Channel Packs the Same as Regular Foxtel?

Yes, all channel packs offered by Foxtel from Telstra are exactly the same as those available directly through Foxtel – Telstra is quite literally selling you the exact same Foxtel service, with the exact same channels available (including the new 4K Ultra HD channels available with the Sports HD and Movies HD packs).

  • Does Foxtel From Telstra have A Loyalty Rewards Program?

Yes, though Foxtel’s own “Foxtel First” program doesn’t apply to Foxtel from Telstra customers. Instead, you’ll earn points in Telstra Plus, which you can spend on a huge range of desirable tech devices and gadgets, as well as enjoying perks such as cheap movie, sporting and event tickets.

  • How Do You Cancel Foxtel From Telstra?

If you find you don’t want or need your Foxtel From Telstra service any longer, give their customer service team a call on 13 22 00 and ask for the Foxtel From Telstra department. They’ll be able to process your cancellation and organise for you to send the iQ4 box back to them.

  • How Do You Add and Remove Channel Packs?

You can change the channel packs you’re subscribed to once per month with no penalty, though your monthly bill will change depending on what you add and remove. Both can be done online, by signing into your Telstra 24×7 account page and heading to the Foxtel section.

  • Can You Switch Between Foxtel From Telstra and Foxtel?

While Foxtel From Telstra provides the same high quality Foxtel service as the one sold directly by Foxtel, the two are separate companies, so moving from one to the other means cancelling the service and then signing up with the other as a new customer.

  • How Many Devices Can You Use Foxtel Go With?

The free Foxtel Go service that comes with your Foxtel From Telstra subscription can be used on up to five devices, with any two of those streaming at any one time. The Foxtel service itself doesn’t count towards these limits.

  • Can You Get Foxtel From Telstra Via Cable?

With Foxtel cable services slowly being retired over the next few years, new cable installations are no longer being done – though if your home already has a cable connected, you’ll still be able to connect it to Foxtel From Telstra. However, you’ll be limited to the iQ3 set top box, as the iQ4 only supports satellite connections.

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