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It’s always ideal to sign up for a mobile plan that not only can provide you with the best service but can also ensure that you get huge savings in return. This is exactly what Yomojo’s SIM-only Family Bundle Plans are all about. You get multiple services for the whole family and you receive discounts for every plan purchased as much as 15%.

Since it’s a given that every member of the family requires the standard calling and texting plus generous data allowance, signing up for a family bundle plan makes sense. Yomojo offers one that gets you to customise plans to suit every family member’s needs with discounts going from 5% to 15% monthly and with no lock-in contract, too.

About Yomojo

Yomojo is an online-only mobile provider that runs on the Optus 3G/4G Plus Network. With the wide range of mobile plan options on offer, their products and services are specifically catered to budget-conscious customers. Basically, what Yomojo provides is a mixture of value and quality, which is clearly manifested in all their plans.

In fact, they have recently revamped their deals by adding the newest, cheapest plan — the Kid’s Plan at $9.90/month. The 2GB plan, on the other hand, went from $19.90/month to only $15.90/month; while the former 4GB plan at $29.90/month has been increased to 8GB. With the increase in data and decrease in mobile cost, there’s no better time to bundle your family’s mobile needs than now.

Get the Best Family-Friendly Plans!

Discover the best & most convenient family plans on offer from Yomojo. Save up to 15% on your mobile costs, with prepaid plans from only $9.90/30days.

Family Bundle Plans

The Yomojo Family Bundle allows you to add up to six lines or family members. It’s also flexible, too, since you can choose a different plan for every member depending on their individual needs. Each plan in the bundle gets its own discount so it accumulates savings. The amount you can save per month, of course, varies based on the combination of plans and lines chosen.

To get started, just choose the number of lines that your family needs. You get 5% monthly discount for 2 lines, 7.5% for 3, 10% for 4, 12.5% for 5, and 15% for 6 lines. Then you can choose the right-sized plan for each service from Yomojo’s SIM-only mobile plans. There is no lock-in contract so you can modify the plans enrolled every month as well.

SIM-only Mobile Plans

After you’ve settled on the number of lines to enroll in the Family Bundle, it’s time to choose the mobile plans. Yomojo’s SIM-only offerings start with the Kid’s Plan at $9.90/month, packing 1GB of data, unlimited text, and 200 minutes of calls.

The rest of the plans feature unlimited talk and text with data inclusions as their difference. There’s the $15.90 plan for 2GB, $29.90 plan for 8GB, and the $34.90 plan for 10GB — all powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network. Yomojo’s 30GB plan at $59.90/month and 90GB plan at $89.90/month, meanwhile, use the Optus 3G network.

No Lock-in Contract

As far as flexibility is concerned, Yomojo excels with total freedom in every plan. All services provided by the telco don’t require customers to get locked into lengthy contracts. This is the company’s way of acknowledging that things change and they don’t want to get in the way of that. Even the Family Bundle plans have no lock-in contracts so you can change your mind whenever without worrying about cancellation fees.

Yomojo FamilyEye

As much as you want to give your kid/s their own mobile access, you also want to ensure that they’re protected. This is where Yomojo’s FamilyEye comes in. What’s it for, exactly? For starters, the FamilyEye protects the children by managing use of social apps and in-app purchasing, preventing camera and video usage, as well as eliminating adult content.

This application also allows parents or guardians to manage screen time so you’re informed of your child’s internet habits. With FamilyEye, you can even create “safe zones” for the kids and get notified when they leave such “zones”.

And because you can track their location, you always know where they are so that’s peace of mind right there. You can get Yomojo’s FamilyEye as an additional service for $5/month per child. Even better, you can try it free for three months if you sign up before 31 August 2018.

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