Yomojo Maximises Mobile Offering with 1GB, 2GB, and 8GB Plans


Yomojo Mobile Plans


Yomojo comes out stronger with its newly refurbished SIM-only mobile plans. For as low as $9.90/month, you can join the telco’s Optus 4G-powered network with 1GB of data, unlimited texts, and 200 minutes of calls. What’s more is that the subsequent option — the 2GB Plan — is now offered at $15.90/month from the previous $19.90!

The notable improvements don’t stop there as the formerly 4GB Plan has also been upped to 8GB for the same monthly cost of $29.90/month. With these amazing changes on the telco’s overall mobile lineup, these sure are positive reinforcements to try the Yomojo experience. It’s uncomplicated, too, considering there are no lock-in contracts.

Kid’s Plan

Yomojo’s Kid’s Plan is their newest addition, bringing the telco’s cheapest mobile plan at the tip of your fingers. With 1GB of data, unlimited texts, and 200 minutes of calls, this is also a timely approach as more providers launch mobile plans that are under the $10 price point. Yomojo, on the other hand, delivers features exclusive to their customers, such as free Yomojo-to-Yomojo call minutes to easily connect with family and friends.

2GB Plan

The 2GB Plan comes next with 2GB of data and unlimited calls and text at $15.90/month. It used to be Yomojo’s lowest value plan prior to the introduction of the Kid’s Plan and it was priced at $19.90/month — not anymore. Customers can now get $4 less monthly fee while enjoying limitless texting and calling plus 2GB of data for browsing on-the-go.

8GB Plan

A steep jump from 2GB which preceded this plan, 8GB is a huge data boost from the originally allocated 4GB for the same monthly cost of $29.90. Also including unlimited calls and text, the 8GB Plan is the suitable choice to meet your moderate data needs plus nonstop calls and texts. Moreover, the 1GB, 2GB, and 8GB plans operate on the solid network and coverage of Optus 4G Plus Network. This and with the added flexibility and convenience of a month-to-month setup, which Yomojo has since become known for.

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Higher Value Plans

For customers who want higher data, Yomojo’s 10GB Plan at $34.90/month should suffice. Otherwise, there are the 30GB and the 90GB plans at $59.90/month and $89.90/month, respectively. Both run on the Optus 3G Plus Network.

Mobile Broadband

If you have other devices, signing up for a mobile broadband plan that can deliver fast internet when you’re out and about is not a bad idea. After all, their usefulness mainly depends on the availability of data. That’s why Yomojo also offers mobile broadband plans packed with generous data inclusions at affordable rates.

The telco’s data-only plans are as follows: 3GB for $15.90, 15GB for $45.90, 50GB for $69.90, and 70GB for $85.90. All plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network and automatically renew every 30 days, unless you cancel — which you can anytime because there are no lock-in contracts for mobile broadband plans, too.

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