Enjoy Monthly Discounts Up to 15% with Yomojo’s Family Bundles


Yomojo mobile plans for the family


One of Yomojo’s biggest selling points is the special discounts being offered for multiple services in the form of their Family Bundles. The telco is currently the only provider that has such offering. For families who want to save money, signing up to a Family Bundle Plan with any of Yomojo’s SIM-only mobile selections is the reasonable thing to do. 

The discounts that are up for grabs will depend on the number of services enrolled. Signing up for two lines will easily get you 5% off your monthly fees. The discount then increases all the way up to 15% for six lines purchased, which is also the maximum number of services in one bundle. If you’re a family of six, it’s only wise to bundle up your Yomojo mobile plans to get 15% discount on every plan each month.

Get the Best Family-Friendly Plans!

Discover the best and most convenient family mobile plans on offer only from Yomojo. Prepaid plans start at $9.90/30 days.

Multiple Services, Single Account

Convenience is also part of the package when it comes to choosing the right mobile plan. Customers naturally avoid a plan that’ll require much effort from them. That’s why Yomojo gives families the option to simplify their plans by joining them up in one account. Not only does this smoothen the process of getting multiple lines, but it also allows subscribers to get special discounts in return, which go from 5% to 15%. Plus these discounts don’t even apply on the overall bundle and instead, it does on every plan attached to the one account!

Special Discounts Equal Huge Savings

As partially discussed, discounts start from 5% for two services. Add another one and you get 7.5%. Make it four and the discount increases to 10%. For five and six services acquired, you earn 12.5% and 15% discounts, respectively. Say for instance you get four services for your family — two Unlimited 8GB Plan ($29.90/month) and two Unlimited 2GB Plan ($15.90/month). This automatically qualifies you for a 10% discount on monthly fees, which gives you monthly savings of around $9! Consider that a very special bonus from a provider that also delivers reliable network and coverage courtesy of Optus 3G and 4G Plus Network.

What are the Mobile Plans?

Of course, Yomojo’s appeal comes from the mobile plans themselves. And since they’ve been recently revamped, they’ve become so much better than before. Starting from their Kid’s Plan at $9.90/month for 1GB of data, unlimited texts, and 200 minutes of calls, generous inclusions then spread across all of the remaining mobile options. Unlimited 2GB is at $15.90/month, Unlimited 8GB comes at $29.90/month, and Unlimited 10GB is offered at $34.90/month with all three being powered by the Optus 4G Plus. The higher value plans — 30GB at $59.90/month and 90GB at $89.90/month — operate on the Optus 3G Network.

Join the Yomojo Family

Yomojo’s SIM-only mobile and data plans are on a month-to-month contract so you can change your plan or cancel anytime without paying any charges. Joining the telco’s network is super easy and leaving is just as hassle-free, too. If you’ve got a large family, getting them a Yomojo service is even more exciting as you save on monthly fees, which is something you won’t find in other providers, at least not right now. The longer you stay, the bigger savings your family gets. Is there any another family plan more ideal than this?

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