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Getting connected doesn’t need to be a huge financial headache anymore. With flexible plans and their competitive rates, internet browsing anywhere and anytime just keeps getting more affordable. That’s exactly what Vodafone wants to achieve for its subscribers – reliable data at a reasonable monthly fee.

And it’s already happened with Vodafone’s Combo Starter Pack, which started at $40 per month, dropping to only $20. That’s right! A starter pack stable enough to get you going when it comes to your basic internet needs for only $20 online. That’s half the price and that’s something you don’t see often.

Subscribers will also be delighted to know that there’s a respective data increase as well. From the 9GB data included in the $40 Combo Starter Pack, the now half-price starter pack also features an 18GB new data offering for the same combo pack. Acquiring the Vodafone higher data offer for a lower monthly cost is just the perfect combination for all mobile internet users.

The $30 and the $50 Data Combo Starter Pack also get triple and double data, respectively, from 3GB to 9GB and 12GB to 24GB. All Vodafone combo starter packs include unlimited national calls.  You can avail of the double data offer on any $40+ starter pack and your next two $40+ combo recharges before July 17, 2018.

Does this sound like a great deal? It sure does! To score double data for only $20 per month, text ‘DD’ to 1263. The half-price offer ends on April 10, 2018, so be sure not to miss it. Want to see more Vodafone mobile plans?

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