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Experiencing student problems like high mobile plan costs that are tough to maintain? Vodafone mobile offers the perfect solution for students wanting to cut down phone expenses by giving a 10% discount when you sign up for any Red Plan with a new phone. If you don’t need a new one, you can still get the discount from Vodafone’s SIM-only plans!

Seems like a reasonable offer to you? It sure is! Getting 10% off plan fees is a great way to start your semester, especially if you’re already bombarded with other school-related fees. Plus, you can also get 1GB bonus data to use in Oz for your first month. If you’re not interested in a new phone, you can still get the discount with SIM-only plans from Vodafone.

Get more mobile value.

Mobile provider Vodafone offers students more than the discount – you can also bring your mates to sign up for a new plan to get $25 account credit. Choosing which friends to refer won’t be a problem because you can bring as many as 10 mates on board with you — which means you can score as much as $250 credit! Every student subscriber referred will get the 10% student discount on monthly plans plus the $25 account credit for more savings.

This offer only applies to Red Plan with a Phone, SIM Only 12-Month Plan, Tablet Plan, Mobile Broadband Plan with a Modem 12-Month or 24-Month Plan, and Mobile Broadband SIM Only 12-Month or 24-Month Plan. Month-to-month SIM Only plans are excluded from this promo.

When does it end?

The student discount offer ends on May 15, 2018. Prior to signing up, student status verification is required via your UNiDAYS account. Check here to compare Vodafone mobile plans.

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