Enjoy Huge Discounts and Bonus Data with Vodafone’s SIM Starter Pack


Vodafone SIM Starter Pack offer details


Trust Vodafone to deliver all kinds of telecommunication services to make life practically easier – at least that’s how it should be. Its prepaid mobile broadband services, for instance, give customers the ultimate golden ticket in the mobile world with their SIM Starter Pack.


With this pack comes a huge amount of data to use in Australia at a discounted price (50%) on a select plan plus bonus data, and included on all plans. When it comes to mobile broadband, ticking everything off on your checklist is a must. After all, when you acquire a service — any service for that matter — wanting to be satisfied becomes more than reasonable. Fortunately, Vodafone brings everything on the table with its flexible SIM-only mobile broadband plans that pack large data while being affordable. And because there’s bonus data included, your data allowance becomes more substantial.

About the SIM Starter Pack

If you don’t need a new phone and you’re just concerned about the data you’re getting, signing up for Vodafone’s SIM Starter Pack makes sense. This means you get a SIM mobile broadband pack that includes a certain amount of data, which you can use for either 30 or 180 days, depending on the starter pack you choose. You can purchase Vodafone’s SIM Starter Pack as a standalone service as there’s no need to bundle it up with another offer. In the case of your data running out, you just need to recharge to top up your data.

$30 SIM Starter Pack for Half the Price

Vodafone’s SIM and data-only plans start with the $30 SIM Starter Pack, which you can now have for only $15. This starter pack includes a SIM card loaded with 5GB of data, which expires after 30 days. If you want to experience Vodafone’s top-tier mobile service and coverage for half the price, this is it. You just need to sign up by 31 July 2018 to avail the discount.

SIM Starter Packs Plus Bonus Data

Aside from Vodafone’s half the price offer on its $30 SIM Starter Pack, it also gives a lot more to subscribers with huge extra data for free. Originally packing 10GB, the telco’s $40 SIM Starter Pack now has a total of 30GB thanks to the 20GB bonus data. If you want to extend your data’s 30-day validity, the $50 SIM Starter Pack should address that preference. From 10GB, it now has 35GB total data courtesy of the 25GB bonus. What’s more is that it expires after 180 days! And speaking of things coming to an end, the bonus data offer ends on 14 August 2018.

Mobile Broadband Recharge

Recharging your data should be easy. Just access your account via Vodafone’s website and you’re all set. The $10 Mobile Broadband Recharge delivers 1GB of data, the $20 Recharge gives you 2GB, and the $30 Recharge provides 5GB – all to expire after 30 days. You also get 100MB, 200MB, or 500MB bonus data if you recharge online with a credit card or PayPal. 

Data Usage and Rollover

The SIM Starter Packs except for the $50 pack expire after 30 days and this starts upon your SIM’s activation. You can rollover up to 50GB of unused data if you recharge before your expiry date. Plus get 10% bonus data when you recharge your Mobile Broadband service online with a credit card or with PayPal.

Limited Time Offer!

You can purchase the $30 SIM Starter Pack for half the price at $15 just as long as you get one by July 31. As for the bonus data the remaining starter packs offer, you can consider getting either one of them for a bit longer as the promotion ends on August 14. But if any of the deals here is just what you’re looking for, then there’s no use of waiting, really. Just get it done and start enjoying Vodafone’s ever reliable and solid mobile network.

What Else Does Vodafone Offer? 

Still under the telco’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband services, you can also go for the Modem Starter Pack if you want to connect multiple devices simultaneously. If you do, you’ll get the Vodafone Pocket WiFi 4G Starter Pack, which includes 5GB of data to expire in 30 days for $59.

Compare Vodafone Mobile Plans

Unlimited calls & texts + hefty data inclusions, all backed by a 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee.


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