14-day money back guarantee with Vividwireless

Vividwireless provides wireless internet using 4G LTE technology – which is great if you travel a lot or live in an area where traditional broadband coverage isn’t great. But what if you sign up and realize when you try to connect that the signal isn’t strong enough? Not to worry. There’s a 14 day money back guarantee.

If, within 14 days of activation, you plug in your modem, sign up to a plan and believe that you can’t connect to Vividwireless due to coverage and/or signal strength, you can get your money back. As expected, you will need to return the device or equipment in its original undamaged condition together with accessories, CDs, cables, anything else included, and ideally the original packaging. However, it’s great to know that you can make a return if the coverage isn’t great. As a precaution, Vividwireless offers a handy tool on their website to check coverage, so we suggest you give it a go before signing up.

Vividwireless provides wireless broadband using 4G LTE technology. We highly recommend the telco’s unlimited plan, priced at $89/month. The plan allows you to surf the internet, access your email and do all the things you enjoy online without wondering how much data you’ve used.

Alternatively, Vividwireless also offers a 10GB plan ($29/month) and a 40GB plan ($59/month). You can sign up for a contract or pay month-to-month – your choice. If you go the month-to-month route, however, you will have to pay for a Vividwireless modem as well. With a contract, the modem is free.

At the moment, Vivid is running a great promotion – refer a friend to the provider an get one month free data credit. Pretty neat.

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