Virgin Mobile is shutting down.

As of 15th June 2018, Virgin will no longer be selling new services and all retail stores will close by the end of June.

What should you do:
We have lots of great mobile plans to choose from. Visit our mobile comparison table to find a new plan.

Virgin Mobile Deals

Looking for a new phone or SIM plan with extra data to keep you company this spring? Virgin Mobile is currently gifting users up to 20GB. Update social networks, listen to your favorite music, and watch videos without constantly keeping an eye on your data usage. Bonus data available on selected postpaid phone and SIM Virgin Mobile plans.

Start the new season right by switching your old mobile plan with one that comes with enough data to sustain your browsing habit. Virgin Mobile is known for providing users with generous data inclusions, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of GB. You can choose between phone and SIM-only plans, depending on whether you want to get a new handset this season as well.

Virgin Mobile runs on the extensive Optus 4G and 3G network so coverage won’t be a problem. Their plans come with perks and bonuses and data rollover ensures you’ll make the most of your GB. For spring 2017, Virgin Mobile is upping their game by offering phone and SIM plans to suit any budget.

Virgin Mobile Spring 2017 Offers

This season, Virgin Mobile is running a special offer which gifts users bonus data. The once-off data gifts are available on select postpaid phone and SIM plans. Once you activate your service, Virgin will confirm your Data Gift via SMS. Your Data Gift rolls over to the next month if you don’t use it all.

In the phone plan category, each $40/month to $55/month plan includes a 10GB data gift. The 70/month and $80/month plan come with a 15GB data bonus, while the $100/month plan include a whooping 20GB data gift. This beside the data you get per month – which varies from 2GB to 24GB. Things are similar for SIM plans as well. You get a 10GB data gift for any plan between $30/month to $60/month. Data included varies from 1.5GB to 22GB.

All Virgin Mobile plans come with unlimited talk and text, as well as credit for standard international calls. The offer is available until 11 October 2017.

Virgin Mobile Perks and Bonuses

Virgin is always spoiling customers with bonuses meant to make their offers more enticing. All plans above come with a Music Bonus – you can stream your music data-free on services like Spotify, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio.

As for data, Virgin allows Data Gifting – meaning you can share your spare with friends on a Virgin Mobile Postpaid Plan. Data Rollover also applies – unused GB roll over to the next month, so you can make the most of it. Clients on high-tier plans also enjoy unlimited standard international calls to select countries.

Compare Virgin Mobile Plans Today

As you can see, Virgin isn’t kidding around when it comes to keeping data-hungry customers happy. Take advantage of their Spring 2017 offers before 11 October and you’ll get a hefty data bonus to use however you like. Compare Virgin Mobile offers here:

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