Vaya’s Mobile Plans Now Offer More Data Under the Same Low-Cost Deals


Vaya has added a whole lot of value into their plans, substantially increasing data allowances across all SIM-only options while also introducing their newest, largest $56 plan packing 50GB data. With data consumption on the rise, this is definitely a change for the better.

The exclusively online telco has established itself as a provider that’s both simple and affordable. Previously offering four BYO plans, Vaya has decided to step things up value-wise. Now, the Optus-backed telco delivers five amazingly cheap mobile plans with higher data inclusions.

Vaya’s Gotten Bigger on Data

Eventually, everyone needs to grow up. While Vaya has been recognised for their low-cost, simplified plans that offer generous data inclusions, they intend to improve customer satisfaction even further before the year ends. How better to achieve that than to provide a top-of-the-line mobile experience that doesn’t break the bank? Unlimited calls and texts are a given, with unlimited voicemail as well, but it’s the data allowance that makes the difference.

To start, the lowest 1.5GB plan at $16/month now has 2GB. The $24/month plan with 3GB now has double the data at 6GB. The $36/month plan gets an extra 5GB for a total of 15GB, and the previously 13GB plan at $44/month gets the biggest data increase, now boasting 30GB — that’s a 17GB increase for the same price. And because Vaya is all about freedom and flexibility, these plans remain commitment-free with no lock-in contracts. With hotspot and tethering also included in the mix, there’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain here.

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What’s the New Plan?

The sight of a new plan is always refreshing – Vaya’s fresh addition to their lineup is proof of that. For $56/month, you get unlimited calls and text to standard numbers in Australia, and even more importantly, a whopping 50GB data allowance. Customers now have the option to stretch their data requirements even further – with 50GB, you can surf, play, and stream while being confident that you have more than enough data to fuel your everyday needs.

6-Month Plans

Vaya also has a 6-month plan options for those who don’t mind committing for half a year. After all, that’s still far shorter than the 12-month plans typically offered by other telcos. Of course, getting a lengthier plan always has nice perks and in Vaya’s case, it’s extra data. With the exception of the $16 plan, the telco’s 6-month selections offer extra data of up to 10GB. $24 gets you 8GB, $36 delivers 20GB, $44 has 40GB, and $56 increases up to 60GB. That’s precious extra data, and all you need to do is commit for 6 months.

International Rates

International calls are not included in any of Vaya’s mobile plans. Instead, you can enjoy extremely low international rates on frequently called countries – like 2c/min when you make calls to Singapore. If you have loved ones in the US, China, and India, the international rate is 10c/min, while the rate in New Zealand and United Kingdom is 20c/min.

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