Vaya Mobile Offers Huge Savings on Phones and Cheap Data Plans

Gone are the days when getting a new phone is hard. Now, upgrading your mobile is just a matter of clicking a button. It’s even made more exciting by throwing discounts and freebies into the mix, just like Vaya Mobile’s $10 discount offer, which customers can avail of they purchase the telco’s bestseller phones.

Vaya also guarantees that it’s not just the new phone that will improve your mobile experience, it’ll be the reliable, budget-friendly plans it provides as well. For Apple fans, Vaya offers its iPhone 7 for as low as $49/month on a 24-month plan. If the newer model interest you, the iPhone 8 can be purchased at $63/month while the iPhone 8 Plus is at $76/month, also on 24-month plans.

There’s also a variety of Samsung models that include Vaya’s bestsellers, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 at $61/month and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge priced at $38/month. All of Vaya’s phone plans are on 24-month plans. To avail of the $10 discount, enter code ‘VDA-SAVE-10’ upon checkout.

How does this mobile giveaway work?

After choosing the right phone plan, it’s time to select the data plan that’s suitable for your needs. The good thing is that all of Vaya’s plans include unlimited calls and texts. The only difference is the mobile data each plan packs and the international calls available. The telco’s lowest plan costs $16 per month, packing 1.5GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and texts.

Can I get more mobile data?

If you want larger data, go for the 3GB plan at $24/month. The comes the $36/month plan including 10GB and 200 minutes international calls to 100 countries. The largest mobile plan costs $44/month with 13GB. It includes the same international call feature as the previous plan. Vaya’s plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, which guarantees top-speed performance.

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Cheap & Reliable Plans with Vaya

Get mobile plans that won’t break the bank with Vaya’s range of plans that come with unlimited talk & text. Plans start from $16/mth with 2GB data + no lock-in contract.