Add 200 Mins of International Calls for $2 with Vaya’s Select Plans

Making international calls with Vaya

Making international calls doesn’t need to be as costly as before thanks to the affordable rates many providers offer. But when it comes to reasonably priced rates, trust Vaya Mobile not to spoil the fun, ever. This is because the telco’s latest offering includes getting 200 minutes of international calls to 100 countries for only $2 if you sign up to its higher value plans.

For customers who have friends and relatives residing abroad, making international calls is a necessity. So much so that it should be part of their mobile plans. While you can always make video calls using several video-calling apps, such function still relies on one’s data network and coverage. That’s why Vaya’s international call deal addresses this concern head-on. Needless to say, knowing that you can call your loved ones anytime even with the absence of the internet gives you a peace of mind — and all for $2 per month.

Vaya Mobile

For one, Vaya Mobile combines network speed and strength courtesy of the Optus 4G Plus Network and the simplicity of its plans to give customers the greatest mobile experience. You can choose between having a 6-month starter kit, a month-to-month plan or a 6-month contract, it’s up to what your current needs are. It’s also important to note that Vaya’s longest contract for its SIM-only plans is only for 6 months — notably shorter than the rest. Overall, Vaya’s plans are easily within the means but packed with value nonetheless.

International Calls for $2

If you need 200 minutes worth of international calls every month for some quality talk with a family member or a friend, Vaya’s $2 per month offer is beyond great. You just need to sign up to either the 10GB plan at $36/mo or the 13GB plan at $44/mo. Both plans also include unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS in Australia with no lock-in contract. For lower monthly plan fees, you can consider the 6-month setup. You get the same data and talk and text inclusions, including the 200 minutes international calls, at $34/mo for the 10GB plan and $42/mo for the 13GB plan.

Keep Your Number

Customers can keep their existing number from their current provider or get a new one from Vaya — the choice is yours. Just let them know what you want and they’ll take care of the rest. You’ll get started with your new mobile network in no time with either your old or new number.

Refer a Friend

Get $15 extra credit from Vaya when you refer a friend. If you’re pleased with the service you get, it’s only fitting to share the positive experience with others. By doing so, you earn the aforementioned additional credit on your account. Just tell your friend to enter your mobile number during the online sign-up in the “How did you hear about us?” section.

6-Month Plan vs Month-to-Month

Vaya’s SIM-only plans are offered in both 6-month and month-to-month plans. For customers who like to keep it as flexible as possible, signing up for a no lock-in contract is the obvious choice. But if you’re keen on saving, get lower monthly plan fees for the same talk and text as well as data inclusions when you sign up to any of the telco’s 6-month plans. Besides, these plans are substantially shorter compared to contract plans offered by other providers.

SIM-only Prepaid Plans

Vaya’s month-to-month plans start from $16 per month for 1.5GB mobile data, followed by 3GB at $24 per month. Then there’s 10GB for $36 per month and 13GB for $44 per month. If you’d rather go for the 6-month contract, you get $2 off monthly fees on all plans. Moreover, all of Vaya’s mobile plans include unlimited talk and text. Signing up to either of the two higher value plans also gives you the option to add 200 minutes of international calls to 100 countries for only $2 per month. That’s practically a bargain for those who need it.

6-Month Starter Kit

If 5GB seems like the amount of data you use up every month, Vaya’s 6-month Starter Pack makes sense. This includes 5GB of data plus unlimited talk and text per month for six months– all for $150. That translates to only $25 each month, giving you huge savings as a result. Starter pack expires after six months. Afterward, you can move to any monthly or 6-month prepaid plan.

What Else does Vaya Offer?

Vaya Mobile offers a whole lot of other telco products and services. Its data-only plans, for instance, provide great value without compromising your budget. The price ranges from $19 to $79 per month with data allowances of 5GB to 70GB. You can also purchase the latest smartphone from Vaya with many exciting deals available.

Compare Vaya Mobile Plans

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