Vaya Mobile

With plans powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network and at affordable costs, it’s not hard to see why Vaya appeals to so many customers in Australia. For a data plan packing as much as 70GB, it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Get as many as 200 minutes of additional international call time when you add $2 to Vaya's select mobile plans. It's the perfect deal if you want a constant means of connecting with your loved ones from other countries.

The time to upgrade to a new phone is now thanks to Vaya Mobile's 10 percent discount for those purchasing their best seller phones, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

With Vaya's Price Beat Guarantee, consumers can get a price match should they find a comparable non-promotional that's lower or equivalent with Vaya's plans with one month free.

Referring is now made more fun with Vaya's $15 credit to customers spreading the word to their friends. Have your mates sign up and get free $15 once their accounts are activated.

Looking to buy a new phone or tablet this holiday season? Vaya has your back! With every purchase of a data plan, you get a $50 gift voucher you can use to buy a device from Vaya’s shop.

Vaya has recently increased the data included in its four plans to 1.5GB (previously 1GB), 3GB (2GB), 10GB (4GB) and 13GB (10GB).

Prepaid mobile plans are a great choice. There’s only one disadvantage – you need to remember to recharge every month. With Vaya, however, even this isn’t a must anymore.

Get even more data with the Vaya mobile plans. The top XL plans now packs a whoopinh 10GB.

If you call overseas a lot, Vaya Mobile has a great offer for you. The telco's largest plan, which is still incredibly affordable, now comes with unlimited international calls.

If you're not a heavy mobile data user, an affordable and unlimited plan might be right up your alley. Vaya Mobile is currently offering the cheapest unlimited plan in Australia. Read on to find out more.