Telstra Offers Australia's First 5G Phone and New Month-to-Month Plans

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Telstra recently unveiled Australia’s industry-first 5G technology. Order the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G today and experience high-speed downloads and uploads like never before. Stream and share with grand ease when you combine Samsung’s latest mobile technology and Telstra’s 5G network, available in selected areas.

If you fancy the most advanced mobile technology available, Telstra’s phone plans are some of the best options there is. You can get your hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 powered by Australia’s first ever 5G technology. Even better, getting a new device from Telstra no longer requires customers to sign up for a 24-month contract. You can totally enjoy a new smartphone, with all its feel and glory, by adding it to any of the new month-to-month plans with no excess data charges. That’s quite a development — only from Telstra.  

Get the New Samsung Galaxy S10 from Telstra with 5G

If you have a go big or go home attitude when it comes to your mobile, you’ll be pleased with the all-new Galaxy S10 5G with its grandiose features. More importantly, it brings you face to face to fast 5G connectivity where your need for speed is easily satisfied.

When you own something as impressive as the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, you can download the latest season of your favourite show in minutes. There’ll be zero obstacles when you’re streaming and with its Cinematic Dynamic AMOLED display feature, consider your entertainment experience maximised with Samsung’s current biggest Infinity-O screen.

Moreover, Galaxy S10 5G’s topnotch speed allows you to catch up with family and friends more efficiently over 4k video calls. You can even ace that online interview you’ve been preparing for days without worrying about your connection. And featuring Samsung’s best camera yet, your travel memories can be vivid as you want them to be with its six-lens and front dual 3D depth sensing camera.

Addressing the need for greater functionality, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G’s intelligent battery is designed to optimise battery usage. With the wireless powershare, you can now share your extra battery power to another without needing any wires or outlets. It’s great to have such options plus it’s extremely handy when a situation calls for it.

Get More Flexibility with Telstra!

Telstra now offers the ultimate flexibility with new month-to-month mobile broadband plans with no lock-in contracts + no excess data charges in Australia. Plans start from $15/mth & comes with 5G access free trial.

Telstra’s Great Value Plans

Purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G from $106/month when you stay connected on the Small Plan for 36 months. That includes unlimited national talk and text and 15GB mobile data. For just $10 more per month, you get the Medium Plan with 60GB total data. Another $30 and you’re secured with Telstra’s Large Plan packing 100GB data on your phone, which you need to maximise Galaxy S10 5G’s amazing features and capacities. The high-end Extra Large Plan, meanwhile, includes 150GB data at $156/month.

If you don’t need a device, Telstra’s SIM only plans are still some of the best-value plans you can find starting with the 15GB plan at $50/month, 60GB at $60/month, 100GB at $80/month, and 150GB at $100/month, all with no lock-in contracts and no excess data charges. 5G network access is also included for free until June 30, 2020, just as long as the newest network is available in your area and you have a 5G compatible device.

Month-to-Month Contracts with Telstra

Telstra finally goes contract-free even with their postpaid phone plans. Getting a new phone as part of a mobile plan has long been associated with lengthy contracts. Today, Telstra sets the milestone for utmost flexibility. If you need a new device but don’t want to compromise your freedom should your needs change, Telstra’s mobile service overhaul is your go-to solution.

This change now allows customers to add a device to any of their new month-to-month plans with no excess data charges. With flexible payment options, you can either pay off a device over 24 or 36 months. And if your needs change, you can easily switch to another plan with no fee. In fact, you can change your plan size once a month.

If you leave, you just need to pay out your phone in full. No more waiting out for a long contract to finish or pay substantial amount to cover penalties for cancelling. Telstra’s new phone plans are the answer to customers feeling hesitated to get a new device over worries of long-term commitments.

Personalised Plans from Telstra

Choosing Telstra brings you to an exciting lineup of perks, including huge data allowance, data-free music and sports streaming, and Free Telstra Air® Wi-Fi. And with the telco’s latest mobile offerings, you can now personalise your plan according to your specific preferences. There’s a range of entertainment, accessories, and other service add-ons that are now available for those who need them. You can also add an international calling and SMS pack for $10/month to get unlimited calls and texts to 20 countries.

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Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans compare all now Southern Phone 18GB for $22/mth


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