Telstra Launches Smart Modem for More Reliable Broadband Usage


Telstra Smart Modem


While service providers strive to deliver the best broadband experience at all times, there are certain impediments that can still make your connection in a precarious state. Telstra, Australia’s largest network, aims to eliminate potential obstacles through their newly released Smart Modem with 4G mobile backup.


What does the Telstra Smart Modem exactly provide to new customers signing up to a home Internet bundle? For starters, the Smart Modem substantially alleviates the inconvenience of moving where getting utilities connected including the internet can be a huge hassle. With the Smart Modem, customers who are moving house can instantly get connected via the mobile network as they await for the completion of their fixed service connection.

Moreover, switching to the NBN can also entail a period of downtime, which, of course, isn’t ideal to any consumers but, still happens, nonetheless. With this in mind, the Smart Modem makes the transition way easier as you’re connected via the mobile network while the switchover takes place. You don’t even need a separate mobile plan in order to connect through the mobile network as it uses your home data allowance.

The latest hybrid technology to your home broadband, the Telstra Smart Modem allows you to get connected sooner. You don’t have to miss out on anything when there’s guaranteed connection made possible by Telstra’s mobile network. More importantly, you don’t need to experience the agonizing downtime while certain transitions occur.  

It is a pre-activated, inbuilt SIM that can connect you to the mobile network right out out of the box. Given this, Telstra’s Smart Modem is the back-up plan that every customer needs. It’s also perfect during those times when you can’t get connected due to bad weather or network upgrades. When this happens, your Telstra Smart Modem will automatically switch to the mobile network so you don’t go offline for long or you don’t go offline at all, rather.  

Here’s a couple of highlights:

Get a more reliable broadband connection

  • You can stay online while waiting for your home network to be activated with the Telstra Smart Modem.
  • It has a built-in backup plan that ensures you’re connected despite downtime due to bad weather or network upgrades.
  • It switches from the home network to mobile, if needed, while using your home data allocation.

Sign up for Telstra’s 24-month plans

  • Get the Telstra Smart Modem for free when you sign up for the telco’s 24-month broadband plans.
  • Start with the Connect plan at $69 per month packing 100GB of data or go higher with 1000GB for $79 per month.
  • Feeling more ambitious? Up your internet experience with Telstra’s unlimited plans starting at $99 per month or you can go limitless while enjoying entertainment plus sports for $129 per month.

How to Get Started

To get your hands on the Telstra Smart Modem, you need to sign up for any of the telco’s 24-month plan as mentioned above. Figure out how much data you and your family need. You can compare Telstra’s broadband plans to help you decide. 

Limited Offer Only!

This is an ongoing offer. If you’re looking for a more reliable broadband connection on your home network, the Telstra Smart Modem can make it happen. For more information, contact the Telstra call centre.

Telstra Internet Plans + Bundles

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