Telstra Launches NBN100 Premium Speed and Unlimited Plan with First Month Free

Telstra has a new broadband plan perfect for those who need their internet reliably fast — the Premium Speed Unlimited Data boasting typical minimum evening speeds of up to 80Mbps. What’s more, you can sign up for the NBN100 plan today and get your first month absolutely free!

When it comes to broadband, speed is everything. That’s why Telstra’s Premium Speed plan offers exactly the kind of service that lets you browse, play, download, and stream with much ease. Configured on the telco’s highest speed tier, this particular broadband package is impressively fast even with multiple users. And since it’s Telstra, you can expect for other valuable inclusions that make every penny you spend worthwhile. 

NBN100 Premium Speed 

For an ultra fast broadband, Telstra’s unlimited data plan offering typical evening speeds of up to 80Mbps is your best bet. Ideal for a very large household and simultaneous use of up to 6-9 devices, it’s the right internet package for streaming 4K movies and TV shows and for a must-experience interactive online gaming. Telstra guarantees an even greater speed — from May to October 2019, most users experienced average evening download speeds of up to 90Mbps! 

Moreover, Telstra was named Australia’s Number 1 NBN provider for streaming Netflix on the Netflix ISP Speed Index this year. Priced at $120 per month, the Premium Speed Unlimited Data is Telstra’s fastest NBN service on offer and is available for FTTP and HFC connections only. The telco also offers 200GB data on NBN25 and unlimited data on NBN50 priced at $75/month and $90/month, respectively. 

Telstra Internet Plans + Bundles

Internet NBN Plans starting from $75p/m with 3 months BINGE. Or, bundle in Entertainment with unlimited NBN 50 and choose a Telstra TV, Xbox or Foxtel from $99p/m. Join Telstra Plus and get loads of FREE entertainment offers. 

Telstra Broadband Perks 

Signing up to Telstra opens a whole new level of perks and features included in every broadband plan. For starters, new customers get their first month of internet free with the $99 connection fee waived if you purchase online. This gives you savings of up to $219! And regardless of the plan you sign up for, your internet service already includes the Telstra Smart Modem with 4G backup, which comes free when you stay connected for 24 months. 

Even more valuable are Telstra’s included phone line with unlimited calls to Australian mobiles and standard landline numbers, as well as discounted international rates. Broadband Protect is also included to ensure your family stays safe online. For Telstra Plus members, getting connected to Telstra’s broadband network means getting up to 10,000 bonus points as well. 

Internet + Entertainment

With super fast speeds, it’s only right to combine your internet with entertainment for days of binge-watching and sports cheering. Fortunately, Telstra allows customers to bundle their broadband with Foxtel’s current entertainment packages. 

To get your movies or sports fix, you can bundle Foxtel Plus + Sports HD or Foxtel Plus + Movies HD with Telstra’s Unlimited NBN50 plan for $140/month. You can also bundle these entertainment combos with the 200GB NBN25 plan for $125/month. 

Planning on getting the new Telstra TV? Starting from only $84/month, you get 200GB of data with Telstra TV or make your internet unlimited for $99/month. Getting the new Telstra TV on a month-to-month plan also qualifies you for 30,000 Telstra Plus Bonus Points!

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