Enjoy a Free Foxtel Now subscription with Telstra Mobile

Some Telstra Mobile customers are now able to enjoy a completely free Foxtel Now subscription that will last them an entire year. The free subscription is available for new clients who opt for higher tier mobile plans.

New Telstra customers can enjoy a 12 month free subscription to a choice of Foxtel Now Starter Packs, included in selected plans. Choose from Pop, Drama, Docos, Kids and Lifestyle Starter Packs – with access to over 65 channels. You’ll find there’s something for everyone, and our offer is available to both new and existing Foxtel Now customers. All you need to do is to download the Telstra TV App to redeem your offer.

The free Foxtel Now subscription is available for customers who option for both SIM-only plans and phone plans. In the SIM-only department, you get the perk with an L plan, priced at $79/month; and the XL plan, which costs $99 per month. The XL plan actually brings you two Foxtel Now starter packs, so you can choose two channel packs and get your binge on.

As for phone plans, the offer is available for the L plan ($99/month), XL plan ($129/month), XXL plan ($149/month), and Premium plan ($199/month). You get one channel pack with the L plan, two with the XL plan, and three (!) with the XXL and Premium plans. Plus, all these plans pack enough data so you’ll be able to stream Foxtel Now on mobile without worrying about running out of GB. Of course, you can also stream your favourite content on other devices as well – Telstra TV, PS4, PCs/Macs, tablets, and Chromecast.

Online only offer from Telstra Mobile: get the 10GB plan at a special price

Telstra Mobile’s special offers don’t end with Foxtel Now though. The Mx mobile plan is one of their most popular offerings, and for good reason. It packs 10GB and unlimited talk/text, so it’s ideal for users who don’t want to stress over running out of data. And now, the plan comes at a special price, exclusively for Telstra customers who order online.

The competitive Telstra Mx plans are only available to those who sign up and manage their service online. In other words, it’s the telco’s way of rewarding those who help themselves. But don’t worry, you’re never alone thanks to Telstra’s world-class online support tools. Once signed up, you can manage your service through the Telstra 24×7 App or My Account. Moreover, if you ever need help, there’s 24×7 Chat, Facebook or Twitter. Plus, automated payments are easy to set and they’re free. Yay!

As for the plan, it packs great value. You get 10GB of data and unlimited talk/text, to satisfy even the most data-hungry smartphone user. And for a limited time, Telstra is offering the plan at a special price: $49/month. The minimum cost is $588 over 12 months. The offer is available exclusively online, so hurry up!

Looking for an even better deal? Compare all mobile plans here.

Get a GigaBonus from Telstra!

Enjoy Telstra’s huge data offering + bonus of up to 100GB on top of your data inclusions — only from the nation’s largest mobile network. BYO plans start from $49/mth or get a new phone from $59/mth.


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