Telstra Broadband Deals and Best Bundles on Offer February 2019

Looking to upgrade your broadband plan this February? Telstra has several very attractive bundles that will offer you with all the data and entertainment you could possibly need. Telstra Bundles are perfect for families, gamers and TV fans who love to binge-watch.

When it comes to broadband, choosing a provider with a long history and perfect reputation goes a long way toward ensuring you’ll benefit from a reliable and quality service. With Telstra, you know you’ll be picking a winner. While the telco isn’t offering unlimited data plans, their GB inclusions are extremely generous. It will be really difficult to run out of data. Plus, since Telstra’s network is sturdy, you’ll have no difficulty streaming your favourite show during peak hours.

Moreover, Telstra’s broadband plans come with several unique perks that will likely grab your attention. As for data inclusions, they range to cover all browsing needs and budgets. Telstra bundles come with loads of streaming apps for free including the Telstra My Football Live Pass app, AFL Live Pass, NRL Live Pass, and the Netball Live Pass.

Telstra Broadband Bundle Offers February 2019

For January, we highly recommend checking out all of Telstra’s broadband deals as Telstra is including a Smart Modem Generation 2 with all of bundles. If you take their Unlimited Broadband + Streaming plan, Telstra will make your streaming TV viewing experience seamless with Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN tier 50). This plan comes with phone line rental so you’ll get unlimited standard local, national and Australian mobile calls. Read more about Telstra TV here.

It costs $99/month (Min cost $2475 on a 24-month plan on NBN). The bundle comes with free 24-month Foxtel Now subscription, a Telstra TV 2 box, and many other freebies including free rentals from BigPond Movies.

Get Telstra’s Broadband Bundle

Get the new Telstra TV 3 + unlimited data + $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit + 3 mths unlimited access to hayu, DocPlay, Garage, & AnimeLab — all for only $99/mth!

Telstra Broadband Bonuses and Perks

Besides those amazing inclusions, Telstra customers also get Telstra Air. You can access free Wi-Fi data at over 1 million hotspots across Australia and over 19 million Fon spots overseas. A Telstra Air compatible Gateway is included at no extra cost for new home broadband customers and those moving to the nbn™ network.

Moreover, each Telstra Bundle includes three free broadband data top-ups every year, in case you exceed your monthly data allowance. You also benefit from Telstra Broadband Protect – a service that keeps your family safe online on devices connected to your Telstra Home Broadband service.

Telstra Air Offer for Broadband Customers

Telstra Air is an out of home solution to a long-time problem. Whilst public free Wi-Fi hotspots have been around for many years, they aren’t a great way to get your device online when out and about. Often advertising-supported, very often slow and limited, public hotspots used to only be an emergency solution – if you happen to be near one.

With nationwide coverage, no advertising and great speeds, Telstra is changing the game. In return for being a part of the network, Telstra home broadband customers get free access to Air even if they don’t have a personal Telstra mobile service.

Compare Telstra Broadband Plans Today

Telstra makes it easy for clients to up their entertainment game. With enough data to allow you to stream and download without keeping an eye on your usage, you can gain peace of mind when it comes to sustaining your internet habits. Plus, the free Telstra TV brings amazing content right to your living room. Compare Telstra plans and sign up today.


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