Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S9 From Telstra

If you’re looking for a notable phone upgrade this year while enjoying heaps of data at solid speed, Telstra has the perfect deal for you. For only $79/month on a 24-month lease plan, customers can now get the new Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB, which also includes 30GB of data for high-quality browsing and streaming on the go.

This plan also delivers flexibility as customers have the option to upgrade their phone after only 12 months! This is ideal if you’re the kind of person who wants phone upgrades yearly without sacrificing a mobile service of premier quality.

So you can swap phones?

Sort of. Telstra’s lease plans are specifically designed to work with the Go Mobile Swap plans. As long as the phone is in its mint condition, customers only need to shell out $99 when they sign up for a new 24-month mobile plan. That is if you want a new phone after 12 months. If you’re willing to wait a bit longer, you can have your upgrade after 18 months with no fees.

Hence, this year is all about experiencing the new Samsung Galaxy S9 with a massive 30GB of data allowance, plus unlimited calls and texts. All these plan features let you put an impressive smartphone through its paces. And all for a monthly fee of $79 from Australia’s largest mobile network – that should count for something.

At the same time, it’s also great to know that you have the option to upgrade to a tech-savvier phone as early as 12 months later should a new, game-changing model catches your attention.

Who is this deal for?

Telstra’s mobile plans are packed with unlimited calls and texts, only differentiated by data allowances, offering formidable internet speed and strength. Understandably, this plan’s 30GB of data along with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is a must-have for the right reasons.

Moreover, the plan even includes live sport with access to the 2018 AFL Premiership, AFLW, NRL, and Netball for this year’s season. Live streaming for these sports will be fast and data-free.

The bottom line? This deal is for anyone who likes to change phones regularly, likes to get mobile data, and likes to watch sport live.

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