Keep Surfing the Web With Unlimited Data from Telstra

For the first time ever, Telstra makes limitless data for SIM-only plans available to customers with its new Endless Data BYO plan. This comes with unlimited data, which includes 40GB of data at uncapped speeds, with data throttled to 1.5Mbps for the rest of the month once you reach this limit. This new plan gives consumers the freedom and the flexibility to use their phone without data limits.

We all know that data limits spoil the fun. Wanting to change that, the telco has recently launched its newest plan. Starting May 3, 2018, customers can now choose the Telstra Endless Data BYO plan for a monthly fee of $69/month on a 12-month plan.

This should be great news for existing customers who enjoy Telstra’s speedy mobile broadband service but wants more in terms of data allocation and flexibility, as well as new ones looking for a better mobile experience. Of course, the plan being reasonably priced also gives a great deal of relief.

What can you do with this data?

Download speeds of 1.5Mpbs are ideal for video streaming in standard definition, music exploration in your mobile, the habitual Google check, and one’s daily dose of social media. However, customers can expect a slowdown in speeds during busy periods. If you think these aren’t enough, you can always go for Telstra’s higher tier plans. Nonetheless, for $69/month with limitless data provided by Australia’s largest mobile network, the Endless Data BYO plan is a must-have if your mobile needs are more than covered by its inclusions.

What else do you get?

Telstra’s new plan also covers unlimited national calls, texts, and MMS. There are even some exciting extras that are exclusive to Telstra mobile customers only. This includes unlimited WiFi data at Telstra Air’s more than one million hotspots throughout Australia. If you’re a sports enthusiast, signing up for Telstra’s Endless Data BYO plan also gives you access to AFL, NRL, Netball, and A-League to watch your favorite team engage in thrilling action. It’ll be live and data-free but with guaranteed reliable speed.

As a reminder, customers need to make sure that their phones support 3G-850MHz and both 4G 1800MHz and 4G 700MHz banding to guarantee high-quality experience with Telstra’s mobile network. To further explore, check here to review the best Telstra mobile plans.

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