Comparison of Telstra Mobile Offers

Telstra mobile plans just keep getting more affordable with bonuses offered on the side, which includes a 10GB bonus for certain mobile plans. From its SIM-only plans to its lease and mobile offerings — and even its month-to-month plans — you can now enjoy flexibility and solid internet speed without seriously exhausting your resources.

When it comes to a variety of data options offered at reasonable pricing, Telstra rightfully delivers. Its mobile SIM-only plans start at $39/month for 2GB of data. This is followed by the Mx plan, which delivers 10GB for $49/month. The 15GB, 20GB, and 30GB plans have monthly rates of $59, $79, and $99/month, respectively, with the 20GB and 30GB plans providing a free Foxtel Now subscription for a year.

Meanwhile, subscribers of Telstra’s higher-tier lease mobile plans will be pleased to hear that they’ll get a 10GB bonus in addition to their particular monthly data allowances. This promo applies to the L plan ($99/month), XL plan ($129/month), XXL plan ($149/month), and the Premium plan ($199/month). These include a one-year free Foxtel Now subscriptions starting from one starter pack up to three. Customers signing up for the XXL plan will also get a $20/month credit.

The telco’s 24-month mobile plans also offer bonuses that range from 5GB to 20GB of data on top. Specifically, consumers of the XXL plan get a 10GB bonus data in addition to its 50GB plan allocation for $129/month, including a $20/month credit. This offer expires on April 30, 2018, so get moving and sign up to any of Telstra’s higher tier mobile plans for huge data bonuses. Compare Telstra mobile plans here.

Compare Telstra Mobile Plans

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