Telstra Mobile’s BYO Plans Offer Massive Bonus Data for Greater Inclusions

Telstra Mobile

It’s hard to overlook Telstra Mobile’s new BYO plans. Already packed with substantial value, Australia’s biggest network now delivers more of what customers want — lots of extra data for free. And with Telstra, the extras are substantial.

While Telstra’s SIM-only plans start from $49/month on a 12-month contract, they all include hefty inclusions that more than cover your daily needs — unlimited national talk and text as well as huge data. The two higher-value plans even include unlimited international talk and text to 15 countries and Peace of Mind of Data so you won’t be charged if you exceed your data allowance. The best part, however, is Telstra’s bonus data – which is as much as 30GB extra!

Telstra BYO

Those who don’t need a new phone can count on the fact that Telstra Mobile’s BYO plans can cover all of your communication needs — including access to the internet. The amount of data packed in your mobile plan is as important as your text and call allowances — checking your email, browsing the web, and even social media, have now become part and parcel of using your phone. This needs to be reflected in your mobile plan, and it’s only fair that you get all you need delivered to you at a fair price.

Get a GigaBonus from Telstra!

Enjoy Telstra’s huge data offering + bonus of up to 100GB on top of your data inclusions — only from the nation’s largest mobile network. BYO plans start from $49/mth or get a new phone from $59/mth.

Plans and Bonus Data

There are three BYO plans to choose from, starting with the $49/month plan. It has 15GB included data + 15GB bonus data. That’s 30GB per month for the smallest plan, which also includes unlimited national talk and text. For greater inclusions and a $10/month credit, you can sign up to the $69/month plan, now offered at $59/month. It has 30GB included data + 30GB bonus data, delivering a total of 60GB. The highest plan is at $89/month, and gives you 60GB included data + 30GB extra data for a whopping 90GB.

Moreover, both the $59 and $89 plans offer Peace of Mind Data and unlimited international talk and text to 15 countries, including USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, China, and Canada, among others. The $89 plan also delivers international roaming, which includes 2GB data roaming and unlimited talk and text to selected destinations. With Peace of Mind data, there’s no charge when you exceed your monthly data allowance — instead, your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps if you go over. If you have the $49 plan, you can add the Peace of Mind Data for $10/month.

Extra Inclusions

Joining Telstra’s widespread network and experiencing their solid service first-hand is a decision that doesn’t take too long for millions of Australians to make. The exciting add-ons exclusive to Telstra customers also make signing up more worthwhile. This includes a free six-month subscription to Apple Music, data-free live sport such as AFL, NRL, and the Hyundai A-League, and Telstra Air Wi-Fi access.

Companion Plan

If you’re an existing Telstra customer signed up to a mobile or internet service who needs an additional SIM-only plan, this one’s for you. For only $39/month (if you sign up online), you get 15GB included data + 15GB bonus data, unlimited national talk and text, and Peace of Mind Data. You can add a new number or keep your existing one, it’s up to you. Prepaid services, however, are not qualified.

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