Tangerine Eases the Download Squeeze with High Speed NBN Plans

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It’s a new era for the internet in Australia, open to a lot more providers and, along with that, increased competition – which means better value for you, the end user. One of the newest providers to grasp the opportunities offered by the NBN is Tangerine, a company that’s backed by a team with decades of experience in the industry.

With the NBN rollout increasing in scope and speed, the coming few years will see almost everyone in Australia switched over to the new broadband network to enjoy the potential for much faster downloads and uploads, more reliable service and complete flexibility in who you choose as your internet service provider. Once the NBN arrives in your area, the days of having to wait around for up to two weeks to be connected will finally be over. When your home is physically connected to the network, you can choose between a huge number of providers and you can get connected within days – and sometimes even hours.

And here’s where Tangerine enters the broadband game. The company has access to one of Australia’s most powerful top-tier networks in Vocus (the same network that provides the back-end data pipes to ISPs like iPrimus). Their philosophy is simple and straightforward – pay for the speed you need at a flat monthly rate, and get unlimited data without any fuss or hidden costs.

Tangerine’s plans are available two ways – either on no contract at all, or on a 12-month agreement. The difference between the two is whether you pay a $99 setup fee upfront (and be free of any contract) or pay a $10/month fee on a 12-month agreement. Unlike other ISPs, though, that setup fee does actually get you something tangible – a quality router or modem from respected brand Netcomm. In particular, this is extremely handy for Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Basement connections, since finding a modem that will work properly with those connection types can be both tricky and expensive.

Tangerine’s NBN plans come in three flavours – all with unlimited data. There’s a base 12/1 plan (that’s 12 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload – similar to the avererage ADSL connection speed) for $59 a month, a 25/5 plan for $68/month and for those that want to take the brakes off and enjoy NBN-style speed, the 50/20 plan is there for $87/month (and that 20 Mbps upload speed is awesome for sharing photos and videos or taking advantage of cloud storage).

It really is as simple as that – no catches, no hidden charges, just fast NBN delivered by a company that specialises in it, with your modem/router provided and no pesky download limits to hold you back. With glowing reviews rolling in from users who’ve already signed up, it looks like Tangerine might be one to keep in mind for your new or improved NBN connection.

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