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Currently offering NBN broadband and bundles plus 4G SIM-only plans, Tangerine presents a competitive range of internet options that are tailor-made to meet the criteria of an excellent deal — low-cost plans with no lock-in contract which provide solid NBN speeds.

Upon closer examination, Tangerine’s broadband inclusions are full of great perks and are affordable at the same time, the very combination every Australian looks for in an internet service. All plans pack unlimited data so your choice will depend on how fast you want your internet to be. There are three speed-tiers to choose from, with setup fees waived and no lock-in contract. And the best part about Tangerine’s offerings? All plans have a $10 monthly discount for the first six months, $50 off on an upgraded modem, and a 14-day risk-free trial. Talk about giving it all.

Tangerine’s $10 Off for First 6 Months

With Tangerine, tracking your data usage is a thing of the past. When you sign up to one of their NBN plans, that automatically translates to an unlimited internet service — you just have to decide which speed tier is best for your needs. To top that off, you get a $10 discount for the first six months, which means you can save precious pennies to spend on something else.

Starting with the Basic plan delivering 10Mbps typical evening speed at $49.90/month for the first six months, you can get your daily broadband needs covered if you have 1-2 devices connected. Add $9 more and your speed is increased to 21Mbps typical evening speed, which is ideal for up to four devices. Better yet, get the XL Speed Boost offering 42Mbps typical evening speed if streaming is part of your day-to-day internet use. With Tangerine’s highest speed-tier offering, the 7pm slowdown and Netflix buffering are things of the past, and for only $67.90/month.

Risk-Free 14-Day Trial

For any NBN service purchased on or after 1 July 2018, Tangerine offers a 14-day risk-free trial. This means that if you decide that Tangerine is not for you, you can simply let them know within 14 days and they’ll refund the plan fee in full. Any applicable modem charge will be refunded as well. As soon as you return the modem, if you purchased one, Tangerine will process a full refund of your plan and modem fees within 48 business hours. Not only are you free from lengthy contracts, you can also leave with your fees fully refunded on a 14-day trial period. It doesn’t get any more flexible than this.

Get Tangerine’s Upgraded Modem $50 Cheaper

For even bigger savings, you can buy Tangerine’s upgraded modem with $50 off. For a limited time, the one-off Netcomm NF18AC Wifi modem fee is reduced from $149.95 to $99.95. With an upgraded modem, you’ll get the best internet speed. And since Tangerine is offering a 14-day risk free trial, any modem costs will be refunded as long as it’s returned.

What Else Does Tangerine Offer?

Tangerine also offers value-for-money NBN bundles that include unlimited data plus unlimited landline and mobile calls for an extra $10 per month. That’s the cheapest voice add-on you can get. Pair it up with any of Tangerine’s affordable unlimited NBN plans and you get yourself an awesome bundle, no questions asked. The telco has also expanded their offerings with SIM-only plans delivering unlimited calls and texts in Australia. Data inclusions start from 1GB up to 40GB and prices vary from $15 to $70/month. If you add $5/month, you also get 120 minutes of international calls.

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