Sumo Picks Optus to Deliver Services for Super Saver Bundle Plans

Sumo Broadband

Optus Wholesale has announced a 3-year contract with Sumo, which will see the two companies join together to make things easier for customers. With broadband now a staple of every household and business, Sumo intends to offer a wider range of products and services that can be bundled into one plan for more savings.

New company Sumo has garnered attention for the right reasons — remarkably cheap NBN and ADSL plans with no lock-in contracts. Even more practically, these services can be bundled with today’s most basic utilities: gas and electricity. Combining all of them on the one bill not only saves you money, it also saves you time, which is just as precious. Surviving in the already crowded broadband market, however, means offering competitive options with a difference is a necessity in order to stand a chance. This is where Optus comes in.

Sumo Chooses Optus as Telco Provider

Optus, as a provider of all things telecommunication, sees their already impressive portfolio growing with the addition of Sumo, while the Australian-based gas and electricity retailer takes on the challenge of joining the country’s telco industry. Sumo stands on a promising platform though — mainly because their offerings are notably cheap, especially when you bundle all three: internet, gas, and electricity. And now that Optus is Sumo’s telco provider, customers can expect an internet service that’s top-tier in quality.

Get Fast and Cheap NBN -- Both at the Same Time -- With Sumo Broadband

Unlimited Plans Start from $43.89/month for the First 6 Months. Plus a No Lock-In Contract

What are the Services?

With Optus in the picture, internet, telephone, electricity, and gas will all be bundled into one plan. It is suitably described as a “whole house” offering for homeowners and small business operators. The agreement recognises Optus Wholesale as Sumo’s provider of residential broadband services via the NBN, home wireless broadband (HWBB), and even mobile broadband.

“Sumo’s product offerings are well-placed for a customer segment who want simplicity and want to save on their household expenses,” said Acting Managing Director for Optus Wholesale & Satellite, John Castro. “Our partnership strengthens Sumo’s position in the competitive utility market by adding telco services to their mix – delivering even more to their value-seeking customers.”

Sumo Broadband Plans

Sumo offers some of the cheapest broadband deals in Australia today, with all plans offering unlimited data and a monthly discount of $11.11. Their speed-tier, of course, serves as the point of difference. $48.89/month gets you the basic speed running on 12/1Mbps while $58.89/month gives you an unlimited internet with a speed of 25/5Mbps. The 50/20 speed-tier, meanwhile, costs $68.89/month. It’s worth noting that none of Sumo plans lock customers in to a lengthy contract, which is a relief for those who prefer subscribing to a service on a monthly basis.

Sumo Saver Bundles

With Sumo, the more services you purchase, the bigger the savings you get. And since everyone needs electricity and gas anyway, there’s no reason not to bundle these utilities with an internet plan, especially if it means $16.11 in savings per month. For instance, from the $60/month for the basic unlimited NBN plan, your monthly plan fee gets reduced to $43.89/month. For a VOIP home phone service that includes unlimited national and local calls, customers only need to add $10 per month, while calls to mobile cost 20c per minute.

What’s Next for Sumo and Optus?

While fixed internet remains a staple service in every home and business, mobile data is just as valuable. There’s a peace of mind at play knowing that your phone has enough data to take care of your internet needs even when you’re on the go. As Sumo aims to meet every need of every Australian, mobile services as part of the company’s offerings will likely be next on the agenda, and with Optus as the telco giant behind it.


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