Enjoy Huge Savings and Perks When You Sign Up for Sumo Broadband

Sumo Broadband

Getting a broadband plan that delivers both value and big savings is now possible with Sumo’s internet deals. Offering both NBN and ADSL connections, the telco guarantees a solid product and service lineup, with exciting features and perks on the side. This includes exclusive discounts with some of Australia’s leading brands.

What’s more is that you can save as much as $11.11 each month for the first six months when you sign up to one of their NBN plans. That gives you both monthly discounts and rewards at the same time. With Sumo Broadband, being a customer has never been this rewarding.

Sumo Perks

While giving discounts and bonus data isn’t uncommon, Sumo Broadband offers an exclusive rewards and benefits program for their customers. When you get connected via Sumo’s network, it’s not only fast and cheap internet that’s available for the taking. This is because Sumo Perks gives you access to VIP discounts at some of Australia’s leading brands, which include Myer, Coles, Woolworths, and Village Cinemas, to name a few.

How to Access Sumo Perks

Access to Sumo Perks is completely free. You just need to meet certain qualifications as a subscriber. For starters, you need to be a residential customer who pays the bills on time. You also need to get your bills via email and opt to receive marketing messages from Sumo. It sure is a whole new level of fun if you meet the requirements with a variety of exciting perks coming your way.

What are the NBN Plans?

The telco currently offers three NBN plans, which are all unlimited and distinguished by their respective speed tiers. Monthly plan fees start from a discounted $48.89/month (down from the actual $60), which covers the Unlimited Basic Speed plan configured on NBN12. For faster connection, the Unlimited Standard Plus Speed plan configured on NBN50 is discounted to $58.89/month (from the original $70 fee). Sumo’s most popular plan is, of course, the Unlimited Premium Speed plan. Configured on NBN100, the highest speed tier plan is only $78.89/month (down from the actual $90 monthly cost). Considering the huge discounts and the fact that all plans offer unlimited data, Sumo’s NBN offerings are one of a kind.

How About ADSL?

If NBN hasn’t reached your area yet, ADSL Broadband still serves as a reliable source of internet. At $65/month, Sumo’s unlimited ADSL broadband is a great option while you wait for Australia’s new network to become available. When it does, Sumo will migrate you to the new network, hassle-free, with their NBN-ready ADSL broadband.

What Else Does Sumo Offer?

For more savings, customers also have the option to bundle their internet with electricity and gas, which can get them an additional $5 off their monthly internet plan fees. Moreover, you even get 42% off electricity usage charges and 17% off gas usage charges for 12 months when you pay on time. With Sumo, your utility bills can be substantially cut down, and don’t forget the rewards that are up for grabs courtesy of Sumo Perks.

Get More Savings with Sumo Broadband Bundles!

Save more when you bundle your NBN with gas & electricity starting at $60/mth or get standalone unlimited NBN plans from $70/mth.


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