Subscribed to a Popular Streaming Service? Here’s How Many Hours of Content You Can Watch

With Netflix arriving Down Under, the competition on the video on demand market has become even fiercer. Australian App Gyde recently released its April Benchmark Report, showcasing how many hours of content the most popular streaming services offer. Stan is currently in the lead, with Netflix following closely.

According to Gyde’s data, Stan offers subscribers 4463 hours of TV and 1626 hours of movies, which total 6089 of streaming content. Second place is taken by Netflix, with 4025 hours of TV and 1723 hours of movies. However, it’s worth mentioning that Netflix is constantly adding new content into the mix since its launch back in March.

Moreover, quantity isn’t the only metric to consider when choosing the perfect streaming service to subscribe to. You should also factor in the quality of content offered and your own personal preferences. While Netflix offers access to its original hit shows (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Daredevil), Stan has exclusive rights to popular series Better Call Saul and Transparent, Presto has exclusive streaming rights to Modern Family, and Foxtel Play has first-run on Game of Thrones. It all comes down to what kind of series you’d like to watch most. Taking a quick tour of our viewing guides for each provider (Foxtel, Stan, Presto, Quickflix) should help you form a general idea about what’s on.

On the other hand, as far as movies are concerned, none of these streaming giants excel when it comes to recent box-office hits. Lifehacker checked how many of the movies that reached #1 in Australian cinemas were available for streaming, and the results were less than impressive. However, some of these movies are available to rent or buy, which may be your only option when it comes to watching recent releases. Nonetheless, all these five streaming services offer plenty of other movie choices to cozy up to, so, again, it all comes down to the type of content you’d like to watch most.

If you have more questions about which service to pick, take a look at our comparison table.


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