Better Call Saul Review

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Starring: Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks

Summary: A brand new series from the team that brought us Breaking Bad, detailing the past of fan-favourite character Saul Goodman and exploring just how he became one of the most sought after lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Genre(s): Drama, crime, dark comedy

Show Summary

Transported back to when Saul Goodman was known to all as failing lawyer Jimmy McGill, we’re introduced to a man that’s not the complete package we all know and love from his time in Breaking Bad. Despite this, he’s a charismatic and eccentric individual who has a huge drive to succeed in his field, but is struggling to find a way to deliver.

Throughout his journey and the first few episodes we’ve been shown Jimmy’s dreams and ambitions but have been left wondering just how he’ll come into the fortune that allows him to kick-start his own firm. With a 13-episode second season already commissioned, it’s looking likely to be a long journey that we’ve already fallen hook line and sinker for.

You can watch the first season of Better Call Saul on Stan.


Our Critic Review

Given the chance to check out the first three episodes of Better Call Saul (as a huge fan of Breaking Bad I couldn’t wait to witness the first moments of Saul Goodman) I was shocked to see we were instead being introduced to failing lawyer Jimmy McGill. This is a prequel detailing the past of the man all viewers instantly took into their hearts, and Bob Odenkirk is again putting on a fantastic performance, despite having to rewind and peel away some of the layers of Saul we saw in Breaking Bad.

Glimpses of the man we all know are given but without the Saul persona yet created, the foundations are laid bare for Odenkirk to build upon McGill and come up with a version of a guy we’ve actually not learned very much about.

Through intricate storylines and new details w’re shown just how McGill lived his life whilst struggling financially. With a huge sense of nostalgia delivered not just through Odenkirk’s performance, but that of familiar faces including Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut and someone fans will recognise at the end of the first episode (which is sure to illicit a gasp or two), this is a must-see for anybody that enjoyed the five seasons of Breaking Bad goodness and would love some more from that same universe.

Saul Goodman was always a character with a background that was just begging to be explored and with Better Call Saul we can now travel his road alongside him. From a fantastic idea spawns this brilliant show and the creators couldn’t have done better – bring on the rest of the season!

VIDEO: Watch Better Call Saul extended trailer!

Critic Reviews

Just as Gilligan routinely did with “Breaking Bad,” the first episode ends with a cliffhanger of sorts, and another pleasant surprise. It’ll make you wish 9 p.m. Monday comes quickly. Full Review

Jeff Korbelik, The Lincoln Journal Star

The first two episodes reveal a show that will benefit greatly from the time and space to develop story arcs, and to exhibit the same cinematic grandeur that distinguished “Breaking Bad.” The pace is a bit quicker, there’s more obvious humor. But the level of ambition is very much the same. Full Review

The Wall Street Journal

So why follow him? Because the writing, with its sudden shifts from drama to comedy and its sympathetic view of its bumbling characters, is so stellar. Because the show is a constant visual treat, from its odd close-ups of water tanks to its wide shots of desert landscapes. And because Odenkirk is terrific. Full Review

Robert Bianco, USA Today


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