Enjoy Fast and Unlimited NBN at $58/Month from Southern Phone

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In terms of data, nothing beats unlimited NBN. There’s definitely a sense of comfort knowing that you’ll never run out of data on your plan. What’s even better is unlimited NBN powered by a top-end speed-tier network like Southern Phone. As much as limitless data is perfect for streaming, gaming, video calling and more, there’s also the matter of speed that dictates the whole experience.

Southern Phone also makes sure their latest offer is something that’s hard to forego. Their unlimited Turbo NBN even comes with a discount at only $58 for the first six months. Now that only means great things — limitless data, increased speed, and huge savings!

Southern Phone NBN

Southern Phone’s NBN plans provide solid options to Australian Broadband customers who need reliable internet that doesn’t go way over their budget. As a matter of fact, this is exactly what made the telco an appealing choice for their subscribers. For the basic speed of 12/1Mbps, NBN plans start from 100GB to 200GB, all the way to 500GB and unlimited data. Price starts at $45/month while their unlimited plan comes at $60/month.

Flexibility-wise, their NBN plans are convenient, too. There’s no minimum contract term so you can sign up for a month-to-month setup without worrying about cancellation fees. While Southern Phone used to offer their NBN broadband plans on a 24-month term, this year is all about giving what most customers want and that’s freedom to leave anytime. However, considering what the telco provides is a combination of value, affordability, and now flexibility, would one really want to leave?

Unlimited Turbo NBN

For a limited time, Southern Phone is offering customers the opportunity to enjoy faster and unlimited NBN at a discounted monthly plan fee with no contract. These features are the equivalent of the ultimate broadband package and it’s now here for the taking. Running on the speed of 50/20Mbps, Southern Phone’s Unlimited Turbo NBN will make your online experience filled with ease and delight. That’s what a really fast internet usually does.

And what greater news is there than this plan being offered at only $58/month for the first six months! If you continue after the 6-month period, the plan fee returns to its full price ($70). Whether you resume your subscription or not, you’re guaranteed to save $12/month for six months — that’s $72 savings for getting connected with Southern Phone’s super-fast NBN.

Experience NBN to the Max

The amazing offers don’t end on Southern Phone’s Unlimited Turbo NBN. For customers who want to experience internet at its fullest, the telco also offers their NBN Max at a discounted price as well. Packing 2000GB, the NBN Max delivers speed of up to 100/40Mbps. From its original monthly plan fee of $110, the plan is now at only $88/month for the first six months, too. That’s $22 savings per month! While it’s not unlimited, 2000GB is still quite substantial to satisfy your huge data needs plus the Max plan is backed by the fastest connection available.

Limited offer!

Psyched about getting faster NBN at lower plan fees? You should be, which is why customers must take advantage of the offer while it’s still available. Southern Phone’s Unlimited Turbo NBN for only $58 and the Max NBN plan for only $88 are up for grabs until 31 October 2018. Get started with a whole new level of NBN in its fastest while getting savings at the same time. Now that’s something you only get from Southern Phone.

Get Great Value Broadband Plans with No Lock-In Contract!

Get connected today with Southern Phone Broadband, offering a great range of NBN plans for all needs and budget. Unlimited NBN plans start at only $65/mth and come with no lock-in contract.


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