Southern Phone Bundles Can Save You a Bonanza of Cash!

Since 2002, Southern Phone has been working towards providing a vast range of communications services to people everywhere in Australia, particularly in regional centres and the many more remote areas of the country. Here, for a long time it’s been hard to find good-value broadband, phone or mobile services due to a lack of real competition. Not anymore.

With a mission to support the communities they’re helping to connect – both directly via money put back into local councils, and indirectly via competitive pricing – Southern Phone keeps things Australian through and through, right down to their customer service call centre. It’s based in regional Australia, providing jobs where they’re most needed. No matter whether you’re after broadband (ADSL, or NBN via all technologies including SkyMuster satellite) or a phone (mobile or landline), Southern Phone’s got a product and a plan to suit just about everyone’s budget and usage.

But what if you’d rather get it all connected in one go, from the one company? It’s easier and faster, after all, and there’s only the one bill to worry about. Is there good value to be had? The short answer is yes. Southern Phone’s bundles, typically for them, do a great job of covering a wide range of budgets. Let’s take a quick look at your Southern Phone bundle options to see if there’s one that’s the perfect fit for you.

Triple Bundle

“Bundle everything!” is the motto here, and they’re not kidding. Southern Phone’s Triple Bundles really do bundle everything you’ll need to get connected across broadband, mobile and home phone. The best value to be had among these is with the NBN bundles of which there are five to pick from. Don’t worry, though, as this isn’t a game of cat-and-mouse with the fine print. It simply comes down to how much data you’ll want on your broadband connection each month, how much talk and text credit you want on your mobile, and how much mobile data you want. Every triple bundle includes unlimited local and national calls from your home phone.

Prices range from $79 to $129 per month, with the low end giving you 50GB of data and $100 mobile credit, or 200GB for $89 with the same other inclusions. Those are great for low-volume users, but the real sweet spot comes in at $99/month. For that, you get 200GB downloads, $400 mobile credit, 1GB mobile data, unlimited calls to mobiles on your home phone alongside the local and national calls, and a broadband speed bump up to 25/5, which makes a huge difference. And extra $10 will get you 500GB of data (great for Netflix fans). At the top end, $129 gets you unlimited calls and texts across the board, unlimited broadband data and 2GB of mobile data.

Oh, and Southern Phone also includes a Wi-Fi modem in your bundle – and a mobile phone for free! You can pick between an Onix feature-phone or a Samsung J1 smartphone. Or, if you’re after something fancier, you can upgrade for a little extra per month.

Broadband Bundle

If it’s just broadband and a home phone you need, this is the bundle for you. You get unlimited local and national calls, as well as unlimited calls to mobiles on the top two plans of the three. Your price points are $60, $70 and $80 per month on NBN for 50GB, 200GB and unlimited data respectively, with the Wi-Fi modem included with each bundle.

You can also get the same bundle on ADSL if you’re still waiting for the NBN, at $70, $80 and $90 per month for the same plans.

Home Plus Bundle

Are you just after a home phone and mobile, and don’t need the Internet at all? Southern Phone’s got a bundle for you too! With five pricing options ranging from $49.95 to $99.95 per month, the Home Plus Bundle gives you a home phone with 100 free local calls (unlimited on the top two plans), $20 worth of calls to mobiles, and a free Onix or Samsung mobile phone loaded with talk and text credit, as well as data for when you need it. For pure just-need-the-phones-connected simplicity, this one’s quite unique.

Satellite bundles

Not leaving out SkyMuster satellite customers at all, Southern Phone has three bundles that wrap up your satellite broadband service with a home phone. They cost $60, $80 and $130 per month. The $70 bundle gives you 70GB of data and unlimited local and national home phone calls, while the $130 bundle ups that to 110GB of data and unlimited calls to everything, including mobiles.

Value for everyone

No matter how you use your phones and the internet, Southern Phone’s got a bundle that’s sure to be a good fit for your needs – available anywhere in Australia at prices everyone can afford. If you just want to get everything connected without fuss, Southern Phone will handle it all for you – just give them a call!

Save with Southern Phone’s NBN Bundles

Get connected today with Southern Phone Broadband, offering a great range of NBN plans for all needs and budget. NBN bundles w/ home phone and modem start at only $60/mth (inc. $5/mth off). Bundle and save today!


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