Southern Phone Offers Discounts for Orange Plans Powered by Telstra

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Southern Phone gives customers a break from expensive mobile plans through their reasonably priced deals. The great news is that the deals are now cheaper than ever thanks to discounts that’ll make signing up more worthwhile. Starting right about now, selected Orange Plans are offered in lower monthly fees — so you get more savings instantly!

Signing up to Southern Phone’s mobile plans means choosing between two of the largest networks in Australia. The Green plans make use of the Optus network, which is known for its credible 4G data speeds and delivers coverage to 98.5% of Australians. For customers who prefer to be on Telstra’s network, the Orange plans provide competitive options as well. This is also where Southern Phone’s latest discounts are from.

What are the Discounted Plans?

Orange 22 is currently offered at $16.50 from its original $22 monthly plan fee. It packs 1GB mobile data and unlimited talk and text. Orange 35 is also on promotion — 5GB mobile data and unlimited talk and text for only $26 per month from the actual $35 monthly plan fee. Enjoy substantial savings when you sign up to Southern Phone’s select Orange plans on a 12-month contract.

Southern Phone’s Orange Plans

Southern Phone’s Orange 12-month plans start with Orange 10, which offers 500MB mobile data and $500 talk and text credit for $10 per month. Orange 22 and 35 come next, which are two of the plans being offered with discounts. These plans are followed by Orange 50, which includes 7GB mobile data and unlimited talk and text for $50 per month. Lastly, there’s Orange 65 packing 15GB mobile data and unlimited talk and text for $65 per month.

12-Month Plan vs Month-to-Month

For customers who want to switch to another plan anytime they want to, going month-to-month is the ideal choice. Southern Phone’s Green and Orange plans offer such option. Depending on your priorities, both month-to-month and 12-month plans offer valuable perks to customers — the former being maximum flexibility. On the other hand, signing up for a contract gets you larger data allowances while paying for the same or even lower monthly fees. For instance, you can purchase the 5GB plan with unlimited talk and text from Southern Phone’s Orange 35 for only $26 per month on a 12-month contract. With month-to-month, you receive the same data inclusion plus the unlimited talk and text credit but for $45 per month.

Limited Time Offer!

The Orange Promo 22 and Orange Promo 35 for only $16.50 and $26 per month, respectively, are available until 30 September 2018 so you must sign up by then. The discounted monthly fee is only applicable to the first 12 months of the plan, which already gives you substantial accumulated monthly savings. Customers who choose to continue with either plan after 12 months will pay the full price of $22 or $35 per month.

Can You Change Plans?

You can switch to a higher value plan with more mobile data without fees. You can also change it back to your originally chosen plan at any time without incurring any charges as well. However, changing to a lower monthly plan fee than your actual plan is a different story as it entails an pro rata early termination fee of $10 per month.

What Else does Southern Phone Offer?

Southern Phone also offers the Optus-powered Green plans. The mobile data inclusions start from 1GB to 23GB for the 12-month contract while the month-to-month setup includes 500MB to 15GB of mobile data. For families, Southern Phone has the Family Solutions plans — mobile and broadband plans that are safe for kids with the use of the Family Zone App and Family Zone Box. Moreover, NBN, ADSL, and mobile broadband plans are also part of the company’s extensive telco offerings.

Get the Best Deals from Southern Phone

Choose between the Optus plan with 7GB data for $15/mth or the Telstra plan with a whopping 30GB data for only $40/mth! Limited offer only.


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