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Southern Phone Family Plans

While getting online for communication and information is a must, parents still need to set certain limits when it comes to giving their children access. That’s why Southern Phone has come up with the Family Solutions plans, which are designed to manage the kids’ online activities, from what they can access and for how long.

If you’re thinking of getting your kid/s their own SIM-only mobile plans, Southern Phone offers the right ones. Starting with Family Friendly 12, it includes 750MB of mobile data plus 500 talk and text credit, for only $12/mo. This is followed by the Family Friendly 25, which has 1GB of data and unlimited calls and texts for only $25/mo.

The Family Friendly 40, on the other hand, has 5GB of data allowance and the same call and text inclusions for $40/mo. The last plan under the Family Mobile is the Family Friendly 55, which has 7GB of data and unlimited calls and texts for $55/mo. With these inclusions in each plan, you’re guaranteed to be connected with your children at all times. Even when they’re away, you can manage the content they access via the Family Zone App.

For home broadband that protects the family, Southern Phone’s Family Solutions introduces the Kids-Safe Broadband Bundle. This kid-friendly bundle includes both NBN and ADSL connection from $99 per month. This covers the family’s broadband needs with a modem and a home phone plan included. The Family Zone Box, which filters internet content, is also part of the bundle.

Both the mobile plans and broadband bundles are made safer courtesy of the Family Zone Protection comprising of the Family Zone App for mobile plans and Family Zone Box for home broadband. What does this entail? It means you can manage your kids’ use of social apps and in-app purchasing, remove adult content for safe searching, set routines for what the kids can access with time restrictions and give devices their very own sleep times.

Both the Family Zone App and Family Zone Box work at home and even when the kids are out and about on mobiles. 

Here’s a couple of highlights:

Southern Phone’s Family Solution Plans

  • Southern Phone offers mobile data plans designed for kids that parents will love. 
  • Data inclusions range from 750MB to 7GB with prices from $12/mo to $55/mo.
  • All mobile plans pack unlimited texts and calls except for the $12/mo plan (500 talk and text).
  • Includes the Family Zone App.

Kids-Safe Broadband Bundle

  • NBN and ADSL connection under this bundle starts from $99 per month.
  • Includes unlimited broadband and Family Zone protection.
  • Plus a home phone plan.

Who is this offer for? 

The telco’s Family Solutions plans are perfect for parents who want to make sure that their kids’ online access is properly managed. Contact Southern Phone to know more about your options. Content on the internet is filtered for safe searching,  the use of social media is limited, and the time spent online is also monitored. Moreover, Southern Phone also offers a whole lot of other flexible and affordable plans that will suit a customer’s every need and preference. 

Get the Best Deals from Southern Phone

Choose between the Optus plan with 7GB data for $15/mth or the Telstra plan with a whopping 30GB data for only $40/mth! Limited offer only.


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