Virgin Mobile Review: Stream Movies Free with a Bonus Data Promo

Virgin Mobile Review: Stream Movies Free with a special Bonus Data Promotion

Virgn Mobile Presto Deal

Virgin Mobile is no stranger to special promotions that give their customers valuable free bonuses – indeed, they’ve got a promo running at the moment offering free data for using new music streaming service Guvera – but they’ve taken the generosity to a new level with their latest offer in partnership with movie and TV streaming service Presto.

There’s a lot to love about having access to a library of hit movies and the latest TV shows to watch on demand right there in your hands on your mobile phone. Whether you’re on the bus commuting to work, or lying in a hotel bed while travelling, being able to pick up your phone, plug in the headphones and get lost in some visual escapism is one of the perks of living in the 21st century. TVs almost seem a little bit old-fashioned when you can keep your screen in your pocket. But there’s a downside to this space-age convenience – the fact that 3G/4G mobile data is limited, and streaming those movies and shows can eat up quite a lot of it.

Virgin’s idea is simple. They want you to experience entertainment on the go, while the good folks at Presto want you to give them a spin to check out their library of high-quality entertainment. The big concern most people have is data usage, so Virgin’s offering a bonus 2Gb of data for free – every month for six months – if you stream Presto on your mobile connection at least once during each month. You don’t have to use all of that bonus data to stream Presto, though with that much breathing room, we’d recommend you give it a try. There’s nothing quite as indulgent as catching up on the latest episode of Mr Robot in crisp HD while everyone else on the bus only has the passing cars for company!

Who’s Eligible For The Free Data Offer?

First of all, if you’re already a Virgin Mobile customer, don’t worry – this offer includes you too. It’s available on postpaid services with a $39 or higher SIM-only plan, or a $59 or higher phone plan. If you’re new to Virgin, picking a plan at those levels or above gets you access to the bonus data offer automatically. The good news, by the way, is that the bonus data rolls over to the next month if you’re on one of Virgin’s nifty Data Rollover plans – which, conveniently, is all of the current plans on offer.

So What Plans Are On Offer?

Keeping it nice and simple, Virgin’s got three different tiers of SIM-only plan, and six phone plans (the latter, as the name implies, is the plan you choose when you’re getting a phone from Virgin with it). Only the lowest-tier SIM plan is not eligible for the Presto offer, while for phone plans, you’ll want to be on one of the four highest tiers. Here’s the raw details; all of these plans are eligible:


Plan Monthly Cost Included Data National Calls International Calls
$60 4GB (3GB + 1GB signup bonus) Unlimited $200
$80 9GB (6GB + 3GB signup bonus) Unlimited $300
$100 13GB (10GB + 3GB signup bonus) Unlimited $300
$130 21GB (15GB + 6GB signup bonus) Unlimited $500


Plan Monthly Cost Included Data National Calls International Calls
$40 7GB (4GB + 1GB order-online bonus + 2GB signup bonus) Unlimited $300
$60 10GB (6GB + 2GB order-online bonus + 2GB signup bonus) Unlimited $300

The “signup bonus” mentioned here refers to extra data you’re given if you switch networks to Virgin from a provider that’s not Optus, or get a new number. So if you were to pick the $60 SIM plan, moved over to Virgin from another provider, ordered online and grabbed the Presto deal, you’d end up with a rather massive 12GB of data a month, with any unused data rolling over to the following month. Not bad at all!

Getting The Presto Deal Activated

Existing customers and new customers just need to follow the easy steps listed below or head over to the Virgin Mobile Presto offer page. Once you’re sure you’re on an eligible mobile plan, all you need to do is text the word PRESTO to 226 from your Virgin mobile, and in no time you’ll get a reply back with a unique promo code.



Then you will want to visit a Presto Free trial Offer to sign up for a new Presto account; the first month is completely free, by the way.

With that done, download the Presto app for your phone from the appropriate App Store, load it up, pick a movie or a show and – making sure you’re not on wi-fi at the time – press play. Within 48 hours a bonus 2GB data allowance will appear on your account.

You’ve got until May 31st to claim this very desirable offer, so if you’ve been thinking of trying out Presto – and if you’ve been thinking of taking advantage of Virgin’s already-generous plans – then now’s the time to do it.