Virgin Mobile Presto promo vs Stan TV Free trial: Which offers more?

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Virgin’s Presto Offer Vs Stan’s Free Trial

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Stan Vs Presto: Which offers more?

Stan TV 30 Day Free Trial Stan TV Trial – 1 Free Month of TV & Movies

Presto Offer – One Month Free Trial

Virgin Mobile shook things up a little in the streaming world recently with their announcement of a completely free bonus 2GB of mobile data allowance every month, simply for streaming movies or TV on Presto. It’s a very useful offer for those who’ve always loved the idea of getting some visual entertainment in while out travelling, but is it worth signing up for? And how does it compare to Stan’s free trial?

Presto! And some free data appears!

If you’re already a Virgin Mobile customer – or were thinking of switching to them to take advantage of their great rates – then you have a free 2Gb of data and a month’s worth of free entertainment waiting for you at the click of a web browser. What this gets you is a free month of Presto to try out, along with 2GB added to your mobile data cap for the month as soon as you press “play” on anything in the Presto app – and if you like what you see, and decide to subscribe to Presto, you get a bonus 2GB of data every month for doing exactly the same thing.

There’s no requirement to use all of that extra data to stream Presto shows and movies, of course – it’s yours to do with as you like. But it does make it a lot more possible for you to pull out the phone and catch up with, say, the next episode of Mr Robot while you endure the long train ride to work. Virgin thinks you’ll like the experience, and that’s why the free data is replenished every month, assuming you keep Presto in your life.

So is this good value? Well, we think so! It’s $15/month for access to all the movies and TV shows that Presto has to offer – including some of HBO’s best-loved dramas, some of the latest US cable shows like Aquarius and Halt And Catch Fire, and even an exclusive hour-long “event” episode of Home And Away that you can’t see anywhere else. More expensive than Stan, sure, but there’s a lot of great stuff here (and more added every week) to make sure you get value for money. And, of course, that lovely free data, which would cost you around $20/month to add to your mobile account otherwise.

Streaming Stan, He’s Our Man

Crispy blue everywhere and chock-full of goodies from a wide world of TV and movies, Stan’s gathered a lot of fans for itself over the past year (it hits its first anniversary in January). But if you haven’t tried out Stan for yourself, you can quickly sign up for a free month of Stan-laden goodness.

Stan’s library of content is extensive and growing literally by the day, with a huge range of TV shows ranging from brand new US dramas like iZombie and Ash Vs Evil Dead to classics like Blackadder; they’ve got a huge range of world movies (including some that are definitely not for family viewing!), some quality mainstream ones and the occasional blockbuster – but the movie library isn’t as expansive in the mainstream department as Presto’s is.

After your free trial is up, Stan costs $10/month.

So, The Best Value?

Well, technically both Presto and Stan’s free trials are both excellent value because, well, they don’t cost a cent! However, if you’re thinking of choosing one or the other – few have the time to get through both of these extensive entertainment libraries in a single month – Presto’s free-data offer with Virgin is almost too good to say no to. We recommend you jump on that one now, before Virgin changes its mind (it is, of course, a limited-time offer)