Presto Is Experimenting with High-Definition Streaming

If Presto subscribers were to complain about one thing, it would surely be this: the streaming service only offers content in SD. All might change soon though. Presto is currently testing high-definition streaming, according to a post on the Presto community forum.

Good news for Presto enthusiasts: the service will offer subscribers a fresh batch of HD content, and soon. According to a post on the Presto community forum (cited by Gizmodo), the Presto team is working through testing in preparation for its HD rollout. They are slowly introducing HD content into Presto’s library, so subscribers may start to see some samples of HD programming on a selection of devices.


“Our plan is to progressively upgrade our content to be available in HD (where possible) and to also upgrade the enablement of HD on the devices and applications which Presto is currently available on – this may take some time, especially for some devices. We want to be sure our HD service is up and running before we start shouting about it! This means if you manage to find some of your favourite shows in HD format, we hope this gets you excited about the further news of developments we’ll have to share to you soon!”, users could read on the forum.

Moreover, the Presto team offered some advice for subscribers during the testing period, noting that HD streaming will use more data.

A few things to note around this testing period:

HD streaming will use more data (so be aware when managing your data cap!):


HD Streaming: At least 4 Megabits per Second (Mbps) recommended for 720p streaming quality on supported devices and at least 6 Mbps is recommended for 1080p streaming quality

SD Streaming: 3 Mbps is recommended

Maximum Data Usage:

HD Streaming: 3GB per hour

SD Streaming: 1.3GB per hour

Presto works on an adaptive bitrate system, meaning that the quality of the stream will adapt to your device and quality of internet connection. HD quality streaming on Presto will still be unmetered for Telstra residential Broadband and Foxtel Broadband customers.

Excited? We have to admit – we can’t wait for the official launch of the HD content catalogue. Share your thoughts in the comments.