Love Movies? Foxtel’s New Release Presto is for You

Foxtel’s New Release Presto is for You!

Starting on March 13, Foxtel will be offering a free streaming movie service to customers for a flat, no-contract fee of $19.99. The new service, Presto, will offer subscribers access to Foxtel’s live and on demand libraries without having to commit to a contracted Foxtel subscription.

Presto’s release was announced last September and while in the works, its release has been delayed for a few months as It worked out last minute software bugs.  Presto is Foxtel’s attempt to compete with Netflix, which is said to be looking to launch in Australia.

While Presto may seem similar to netflix, they do offer different services. Netflix is cheaper but does not offer the option to rent new releases. Presto offers both the back catalogue, as well as an option to rent new releases for $5.99. Movie lovers may appreciate this additional new release option enough to pay the extra price.

Presto has been compared to Quickflix, and while these two services are also similar, Quickflix does offer a few more options than Presto. Presto is an additional $5 per month, but it does not offer T.V. shows to its customers, only movies. For customers looking for DVD/Blu-Ray deliveries will probably mot like Presto because it does not offer this option and is only available for streaming on Pc, Mac, and iPad-android access is slated to be available at a later date.

Probably the biggest win for movie lovers that puts Presto ahead of Quickflix is Presto’s impressive backlog of movies. Another Presto advantage is its ad-free access to all of Foxtel’s movie channels including Premiere, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Action, Family and Masterpiece. In order to win over new customers, Presto is offering subscribers a $4.99 for the first month discount.

Many people feel that it will be Presto’s offer to allow customers to access premier movies that will give it its popularity boost. Presto also has the capability to increase Foxtel’s customer base by gaining customers through the streaming service who would be unlikely to want a traditional television subscription.

Subscriptions like Presto, Netflix, and quickflix  are becoming major competition to large -scale cable television companies. These services are rapidly increasing their subscriptions as customers tire of paying huge fees for monthly T.V. subscriptions that continue to up charge customers for more viewing capability.

Presto’s contract-free $19.99 per month subscription will be available March 13 to all Australians with a compatible internet connection.

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