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Presto users with Android devices can now enjoy their content on the go as the Presto TV subscription service is now available on selected Android gadgets.

For those who don’t know, Presto is an Australian company which offers streaming services to its customers on a subscription basis. It was initially owned by Foxtel and its subscribers can stream selected movie content and as of 2015, a host of TV shows as well. Presto offers different subscription options to its customers, ranging from Presto TV to Presto Movies, and even a bundle package: Presto Entertainment.

Android users looking forward to enjoying Presto on their devices can download the Presto App from either the Samsung App store or Google Play Store which will give them access to a wide variety of ad-free movies. The subscription can be bought for a $9.99 a month. The price is for the stand-alone services, Presto TV and Presto Movies, but the users can purchase the bundle Presto Entertainment for $14.99/month as well for an overall entertainment experience.

Subscribers are allowed to register up to four devices at a time and can watch the content on two devices simultaneously. Previously available on just PCs and iOS devices, availability on Android devices has come as a welcome sign for Android users. A number of selected devices are included in the Android app, including the leading tablets from Google and Samsung. Devices running Jellybean and KitKat, will be supporting the Presto app. Popular devices, like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series, are included in the listed devices along with the popular Asus Nexus 7 as well.

Presto has a lot more recent movie titles and content than any other SVOD service in Australia at the moment and for a monthly fee of $9.99, customers can stream all the content they want on their Android devices. In fact, Presto promises to update the content and add more titles regularly to provide the customers with the best service possible.  Surely, making their service available on Android is the next big step towards challenging the monopoly of sorts Netflix enjoys as far as streaming video content is concerned.

So, if you want to view Presto and own an Android device, you can now merge the two and enjoy. For more information on the full range of Android supported devices subscribers can visit


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