OVO Mobile Gets Ultra Big with New Data Plan Packing 250GB!

OVO Mobile continues to raise the bar with its latest mobile broadband plan. Just last month, the telco launched what was considered the largest data plan offered at the time — 150GB for the XL plan for $89.95/month. It turns out that when it comes to mobile data, the need for it continues to increase.

Customer satisfaction is simply a matter of giving people what they need. That’s why OVO made another addition to its mobile broadband packages with the XXL plan, the largest as of now. It packs 250GB for $99.95/month* — perfect if you’re still running short using the already huge 150GB plan. Considering people’s penchant for streaming everything online, it’s not surprising that consumers would need a bigger plan.

OVO Mobile

The telco takes its “Fans First” guarantee seriously.  Since its launch in 2016, it has provided its customers with affordable, prepaid mobile services on a SIM-only basis, with deals as low as $10/month. However, it’s not only OVO’s budget-friendly plans that are making it easy on the eyes among subscribers, it’s also the company’s exclusive digital streaming partnerships with the likes of Formula Drift and World Superbikes that make signing up with OVO a fun-filled experience. Through its very own streaming platform, OVOPlay, customers can stream live or catch up to their favorite sport, data-free.

Get Double the Data from OVO!

Score twice the data on all prepaid plans for the same price thanks to OVO’s FansFirst Promise. Get unlimited talk & text in Oz + data-free live streaming on OVOPlay from $14.95/30days.

Ultra is OVO Mobile’s New Plan

With OVO’s large mobile broadband plans, you’re basically getting an alternative to fixed broadband — after all, your home or your office isn’t the only place you’ll be needing reliable Internet. For those who need to be connected wherever they go, OVO’s 250GB for $99.95/month* plan seems like the answer. As long as there’s massive data in your pocket, you can count on continuing your internet activities without being bound to any place.

This massive plan is for gamers, you don’t want to be forced to stop and for customers who love streaming shows and movies everywhere they go. The restrictions that fixed-home broadband usually entail are long gone with OVO’s super large mobile data plans powered by the Optus 4G plus network. You can also connect multiple devices with plans as huge as these ones.

What About Other Mobile Broadband Plans?

The OVO Mobile broadband plans start with 50GB (small) at $49.95/month, followed by 100GB (large) at $69.95/month, then comes 150GB (XL) at $89.95/month, and then the all-new 250GB (XXL) at $99.95/month*. Plus, enjoy limitless entertainment and sports, free with OVOPlay. When signing up, you have the option to acquire a modem or bring your own device. The modem you bring, however, has to be 4G capable and not locked to another provider.

Experience Sports with OVOPlay

Sports is just one of those things that bring people together, and so the telco launched OVOPlay with this in mind. Securing exclusive streaming partnerships with multiple sport events so the fans can stream them live and data-free has since been one of its strongest selling points. Right now, OVO Mobile has partnerships with 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series, Australian Esport League, Formula Drift, Gymnastics Australia, Gymnastics Queensland, Water Polo Australia, and World Superbikes.

No Lock-In Contracts

Getting your mobile services from OVO also means that everything is made simple. Aside from getting more than what you’d expect, you also won’t have to worry about contracts. Since all of OVO’s plans are prepaid, there’s no such thing as long and costly commitments. What’s more is that you can also switch to another plan without being charged. After all, your changing mobile needs is something that needs addressing without any hassles.

What OVO Offers? 

If you’re looking to have a reliable mobile broadband connection for multiple devices, even when you’re out and about, OVO’s 250GB plan sounds like the perfect plan for you. With the telco’s largest data plan ever, you can stay online for as long as you want for only $99.95/month*. Check out OVO’s mobile plans to figure out how much data you need.

*$20 off OVOBoom – XXL offer only available for new services purchased between 2/10/18 and 30/11/18 and must activate before 28/12/18.

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