OVO Mobile Inks Deal With Formula DRIFT for Video On Demand TV

Formula Drift

OVO Mobile gets deeper into the world of motorsport as they sign a three-year contract with Formula DRIFT to deliver streaming video on demand for the Australian Market.

OVO Mobile levels up with their motorsport streaming game as they become the official telecommunications and media partner of Formula DRIFT, which is recognised as the world’s leading international drifting competition. This makes perfect sense seeing that motorsport is actually among the most in demand content categories on OVOPlay, with existing official partnerships to stream the World SuperBikes and 400 Thunder Drag Racing–and now would include Formula DRIFT.

OVO Mobile’s CEO Matt Jones has said that, “Motorsport is a definite fan favourite on our platform. More than one million people have tuned in to watch live and on-demand motorsport content on OVO’s digital and social platforms in the past 12 months, and they’re telling us they’re hungry for more, and a broader variety of content.

The 3-year contract stipulates that Formula DRIFT championship events–from its 2017 back catalogue to all future events until the end of year 2020–will be made available for streaming video on demand (SVOD) on its OVOPlay platform.

It’s quite interesting to note that this is the first ever Australian broadcast deal made by Formula DRIFT, which features high-powered cars that are manoeuvred by professional drivers going into well executed and controlled sideway slides at high speed on marked courses. It’s known to be a highly addicting and exciting motorsport event that fans truly can’t wait to see live in action.

Ryan Sage, Formula DRIFT’s co-founder has rallied behind their expansion into the Australian market through OVO Mobile saying, “With professional events running across Asia and as well as the United States each year, we’ve built Formula DRIFT into the world’s most eminent drift competition series. Australia is home to some of the world’s most passionate motorsport communities, and it’s exciting to have this opportunity to get their attention.” He continued on by stating, “With viewing habits of sports fans changing and moving more and more to mobile devices, partnering with OVO and its OVOPlay platform makes a lot of sense. OVO’s giving us a plug-and-play opportunity for Australia to get to know us, and get passionate about what we have to offer.

Looks like its a partnership made in motorsport heaven between OVO Mobile and Formula DRIFT. Good news for fans across Australia, all live-streamed and on-demand content is available to watch for anyone through OVOPlay. However, OVO Mobile customers would be able to stream data-free.

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