OVO Mobile has a Plan for Kids that Parents will Love

OVO Mobile has a plan for kids parents will fall in love with

Looking for a safe mobile solution for your tweens? OVO Mobile to the rescue. The telco has a special mobile plan for kids that gives them plenty of perks and allows parents to make sure their little ones are as safe as possible. All for less than $10 per month.

Technology plays a huge part in our lives nowadays. Smartphones are everywhere. It’s only natural for kids to ask for a mobile from early on. But while convenience often makes parents cave in and gift their kid a gadget, it’s only natural to worry about whether children can stay safe in the cyberbullying era. That’s why OVO Mobile came up with a solution that gives kids a bit of independence. At the same time, it allows parents to manage their data and calling allowances. Cyber safety is a priority as well.

With OVO Mobile – Mini, kids get unlimited SMS / MMS, $200 standard calling, and 1 GB data. All for $9.95 /30 days. How does it work? First off, you won’t be locked into an expensive long-term phone contract. All standard calls are charged at 99c / minute with a 40c connection fee. You can keep an eye on how much your kids are using on your OVO Dashboard. Unused data and calling doesn’t roll over. However, if your kids run out of data and you want to top them up, that’s up to you.

Moreover, once you’ve signed up to OVO you’ll be invited to register for the free Family Zone cyber safety account. This allows you to be in control of how much screen time your kids are getting and what they’re using it for. You can filter adult and inappropriate content, restrict access to social networks, and limit app downloads and in app purchases. Not only that, but you can also manage or limit screen time to an amount of time daily. Restricting screen time to certain times of the day is also possible. You get a free cyber safety account thanks to OVO’s partnership with Family Zone. You’ll basically save $59.40/year.

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