OVO Mobile Introduces a New Kid’s Plan with Unlimited Calls and Texts

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OVO’s mobile lineup has further expanded with the addition of a new Kid’s Plan. Already offering a $9.95 plan, which includes unlimited texts and $500 worth of calls in Australia, there’s now unlimited calls included with the new $14.95 plan for customers who don’t need much data.

The telco has been serving Australians with reasonably priced mobile services for only a few years, but already they’ve made a difference. For starters, OVO Mobile’s offerings combine value, flexibility, and affordability — the very criteria that set exceptional mobile plans apart from the rest. They’re able to identify and differentiate what every customer needs, and as a result offer the kind of mobile deals that meet specific requirements and preferences. The new OVO Mini Plus, at $14.95/month, is just another example of a need being catered to.

OVO Mobile

From five SIM-only plans, there are now six — with OVO adding the $14.95 deal with unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data. That’s great news for customers who are finding it hard to choose between the $9.95 and $19.95 plans, which offer 1GB and 4GB, respectively. If you need unlimited calls but you’re not much of a data user, OVO’s new Kid’s Plan makes a lot of sense.

The higher-value plans, meanwhile, cost $29.95, $34.95, and $49.95 per month. All three include unlimited calls and texts in Australia with data inclusions of 10GB, 25GB, and 40GB respectively. International calls are also part of the plans — $29.95 buys you 50 international minutes, $34.95 gives 300 international minutes, and $49.95 offers 500 international minutes to 32 destinations, including USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, India, and China.

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OVO Mobile – Mini Plus

OVO’s $9.95 plan is a favourite among Australians with its $500 worth of calls, unlimited texts, and 1GB data. While it’s mainly targeted at kids, this offer is also suitable for those who want substantial call and text inclusions without the large data allowance.

Another plan that’s been recently added to widen your options is the Mini Plus. Presented as the new Ovo Mobile Kid’s Plan, the inclusions are much more significant. Both calls and texts are unlimited, and you’ll also get 2GB of data for only $14.95/month. The new Kid’s Plan certainly adds another viable option to OVO’s wide-ranging selections for customers to choose from.

While OVO’s lowest Mini Plan at $9.95/month includes unlimited texts and $500 worth of calls, having unlimited calls in your plan just provides a sense of security. That’s why the $14.95 plan is just right. You get to call and text nonstop while also getting 2GB of data to use for under 15 bucks.

OVO Perks

OVO Mobile only offers prepaid plans so there are no lock-in contracts. You can switch to another plan or even leave at anytime, without the usual fuss. More importantly, there’s data-free streaming exclusive to subscribers with OVOPlay. You can stream live sports and music anytime to your heart’s content without worrying about your data usage.

Some of the unique Ovo Mobile streaming includes Formula Drift, Gymnastics Australia, Badminton Australia, and 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series. Moreover, OVO’s SIM-only plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, so you can expect a fast and reliable mobile experience.

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