OVO Mobile clients get international minutes

OVO Mobile offers tons of perks – unlimited OVO time, generous data inclusions, unlimited calls on most plans. Now you can add international minutes into the mix. Users who opt for one of the Medium plan or higher can call abroad completely free.

With OVO, there are five mobile plans to choose from. The Mini and Small plans are mostly designed for kids. The first one packs 1GB of data and $200 calling, while the latter includes 1.5GB of data and $500 calling credit. Both offer unlimited texts. It you take a look at the telco’s more “grown-up” plans, however, you’ll see that things get really interesting.

The Medium plan comes with 2GB of data and unlimited calls and texts for $24.95/30 days. Recently, OVO added international perks as a bonus, so clients also get 50 minutes of international calls packed into the plan. The minutes apply for OVO’s “most dialled countries.” There are 32 countries on the list, including the UK, US, China, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, and more. You can check the complete list on OVO’s website.

Next, the Large plan includes 8GB of data, unlimited calls/texts, and 300 international minutes. All for $34.95/30 days. Last but not least, heavy smartphones users may be tempted by the Extra Large Plan, which costs $44.95/30 days. It packs 12 GB of data, unlimited calls/texts in Oz, and 500 international minutes. If you call abroad often, these plans can be a great choice for you.

OVO Mobile runs on the Optus network. Clients get unlimited OVOTime, meaning you can enjoy unlimited data-free streaming on the telco’s app. Plus, all plans come with a free Family Zone cyber safety account which is great for keeping your kids safe online. Mobile broadband plans are also available.

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