OVO Mobile announces new data plan

Good news data grabbers! OVO Mobile has a new offer that’ll make on-the-go internet surfing more worry-free as data allowances are increased substantially at no extra cost. That’s right – you’ll get more data for free, which means better internet experience without the hassles of extra charges.

Starting February 2018, OVO’s large mobile plan has increased from 8GB to 10GB of data every 30 days. This addition is apart from the unlimited standard national calls and texts, as well as the 300 minutes worth of international calls, which the $34.95 prepaid plan consists of.

The unexpected bonus, which actually involves data increases of up to 43 percent in data allowance without any extra charges, applies to subscribers under OVO Mobile’s Large and Extra Large plans. Just last year, Money Magazine picked OVO’s large mobile plan as the best value high-usage mobile plan and this year’s bonus in the form of an additional data is further proof of that.

OVO Mobile Extra Large plan subscribers can also expect bigger data increases this year with the basic data allowance of 14GB rising to 19GB, plus the unlimited calls and texts and 500 international minutes included in the $49.95 mobile plan.

Lastly, OVO Data Mega Plan subscribers will be transferred to the 100GB of data for only $69.95 from the previous data plan, which included only 70GB for a higher cost of $79.95. The boost in data allowance constitutes to a 40 percent increase in data while getting 12.5 percent savings in cost.

Optus 4G Plus Network powers all OVO Mobile plans, which also includes free access to OVOPlay for some high-quality sport and entertainment content. OVO’s automatic data increases for large and extra large mobile is the company’s way of showing that they listen to what their subscribers want and deliver as long as there’s an opportunity for them to provide more data without the extra cost. Don’t have the largest OVO mobile plans yet? Check here to compare OVO Mobile offers.

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