OVO Launches Largest Prepaid Mobile Data Plan at 150GB!

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There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a massive amount of data for less. That seems to be the thinking behind the launch of OVO’s largest mobile plan, packing 150GB of data for $89.95/month. That’s a whole new level of browsing and streaming without breaking the bank. Powered by the Optus 4G Plus, there’s also guaranteed flexibility as there are no lock-in contracts.

OVO’s new prepaid mobile plan is designed for customers who use more than one connected mobile device. Last year, OVO has already wowed subscribers when they released its 100GB prepaid mobile data plan, being the first company in the industry to do so. The new launch of the 150GB plan is certainly another remarkable milestone for the telco, setting a benchmark in the telecommunications business.

Who is this plan for?

OVO understands the needs of its consumers, 60 percent of which are under the age of 28. And it mostly comes down to getting more data to feed their multi-screening requirements. With a 150GB mobile data plan, customers can connect up to five devices simultaneously, so that they can multi-task while working or studying anytime, anywhere.

This means you can stream music and video at the same time without worrying about data consumption — because you obviously have more than enough! Then there’s the no lock-in contract feature that gives you the freedom to stay or move to another plan at will. Which helps brings a sense of trust to the sign-up process.

Why so much data?

The ABS reported in December 2017 that more than 6.2 million broadband subscribers were on mobile wireless plans. This is the largest single group of data users in Australia. OVO’s launch of huge data mobile plans is its way of tapping into that while maintaining feasibility through low monthly costs.

While the mobile market continues to change, the majority of the customers still rely on data allowances, convenience, and reasonable fees as their primary drivers when picking a mobile service. Hence, the rise of these new mobile wireless plans subscribers.

The release of the new 150GB prepaid mobile data plan only shows that OVO continues to make a difference in how it acknowledges the growing needs of data-hungry consumers. If you’re one of those who needs substantial data for multiple devices, OVO’s 150GB plan seems like a great fit. For $89.95/month, you’re bound to experience a prolific mobile experience courtesy of the highly commendable 4G plus mobile network. Plus, you get to have access to OVOPlay for some of the most amazing events in sports and entertainment.

If you have seen enough and want to get started now, you can compare OVO mobile plans here.

OVO mobile flash sale

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