OVO Launches “A Telco That Gives an F*” Campaign, Doubles Data Across Mobile Plans

Fun, flexible, and most importantly, fair — if you’re not getting these from your current mobile provider, maybe it’s time for a change. One that greatly favors you value-wise. At least that’s what OVO’s latest “A telco that gives an F*” campaign is all about. “Fairness shouldn’t be a dirty word for Australian telcos” — and that’s the challenge.

This month, OVO Mobile further proves that they’re a customer-oriented telco by increasing allowances up to double your data — without increasing the prices — as part of their current campaign. There has also been a substantial increase in international minutes included in select plans; while a new OVOBoom plan now makes for Australia’s largest mobile broadband plan. The notable improvements across OVO’s offerings were made to let people know “there was an alternative that does care.

Double Your Data

Starting from the cheapest Kids Plan, OVO has completely overhauled their SIM-only mobile plans so that they include higher data allowances for the same monthly costs. The new inclusions are as follows: Kids Plan with 2GB for $9.95/month, MiniPlus with 4GB for $14.95/month, Small with 8GB for $19.95/month, Medium with 20GB for $29.95, Large with 50GB for $34.95/month, and Extra Large with 80GB for only $49.95/month.

Get Double the Data from OVO!

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New International Minutes

Even international call inclusions have doubled. The Medium plan now has 100 international minutes (from only having 50), the Large plan gets 600 minutes (from 300) and the top-end Extra Large plan includes 1000 minutes (from 500). With these, you’ll be able to make international calls to 32 countries, including China, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Japan.

Cheaper Yet Bigger Mobile Broadband

Select mobile broadband plans are also packed with bigger data at more affordable rates. Named OVOBoom, the Large plan offering 100GB data is now at $64.95/month from $69.95. The Extra-Large plan features 250GB data for only $79.95 down from $99.95. Lastly, the biggest mobile broadband on offer in Australia, OVOBoom’s XXL, comes with a generous 500GB data at only $109.95/month.

Fans-First Approach

OVO wins in terms of value, flexibility, and affordability. If you’ve signed up for the $34.95 Large plan, that means your data limits have increased by a whopping 500 per cent in less than 12 months — from 10GB to 50GB. The highest-tier $49.95/month plan now includes an 80GB allowance from 40GB, allowing you to stream HD video on your mobile for over 2 hours a day, every day, without needing more data.

There’s a serious level of apathy when it comes to our mobile provider. Most of us suspect we’re on a bad wicket, but we don’t know how to go about changing it. We hear from people every day who tell us they feel trapped, either by a bad contract that just seems to roll over, or by a lack of awareness of what they should expect from a good telco,” says OVO CMO Nicole McInnes.

We’re a small player in this market, but we have something none of the big telcos have: a Fans-First approach that gives our customers reasons to stay. The fact we’ve upgraded our plans three times in less than 12 months, without them having to ask for it, is proof of that.

Since you won’t need to do a thing to enjoy this massive increase across all plans — no price change, no lengthy contract to sign — then it must be because you’re well taken care of. You may call it lucky, OVO calls it their ‘Fans-First’ approach.

In less than three years that the telco has been providing mobile services, they’ve displayed a paramount initiative in giving what the customers need even without them asking for it, simply because they’re fair. So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than right now to be part of the OVO family, so sign up now to get the best prepaid mobile deals with data inclusions that you need and without breaking the bank!

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