OVO Launches Big 500GB Mobile Broadband Data

Looking for a reliable alternative to fixed internet? OVO’s mobile broadband deals called OVOBoom are now made bigger and more affordable, including the all-new OVOBoom XXL with 500GB data. Offered for only $109.95 per month with no lock-in contract, consider it your go-to data plan when you’re out and about.

OVO’s 500GB offering is Australia’s largest mobile broadband. This is after the telco launched the 250GB plan in late 2018 with a price of $99.95. Fortunately, OVO Mobile is all about bigger data and cheaper plans this year. From 250GB, you can now enjoy more hours of streaming with double data of 500GB by just adding an extra $10.

Hefty Mobile Broadband Data with OVOBoom

Powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, you can rest assured that OVO’s mobile broadband plans will deliver speed and abundance in data without breaking the bank. Their mobile plans start from $49.95 per month with 50GB data. You can easily double that allowance giving you 100GB for an extra $15. Considering the massive boost in data, the additional fee is beyond worth it.

Then comes the formerly largest 250GB plan now offered at $79.95 per month down from $99.95. The main star here, of course, is the whopping 500GB plan for only $109.95 per month which has no lock-in contract. With data that big, you can bring your device with you wherever you go to enjoy streaming and gaming as much as you can. As for the device, customers have the option to bring their own modem or buy one when they sign up.

Get Double the Data from OVO!

Score twice the data on all prepaid plans for the same price thanks to OVO’s FansFirst Promise. Get unlimited talk & text in Oz + data-free live streaming on OVOPlay from $14.95/30days.

OVO Data for Tablet Use

OVO’s data-only plans are ideal for tablet use. The cheapest OVO Data – Small offers 5GB for $19.95 per month. The mid-tier plan, OVO Data – Large, including 15GB is at $39.95 per month while the biggest OVO Data – Extra Large packs 50GB at $49.95 per month. OVO also offers OVO 365. As its name implies, it can last for up to a year with 15GB data for $99.95.

It’s not a lot for 12 months of use but it serves a specific purpose if you rarely ever use data. This 365-day plan ensures that you don’t keep on paying for a service that you don’t use. After all, unused data still expires every month and that’s money you won’t get back. Moreover, OVO Data now comes with free cyber safety, allowing parents to monitor their kids’ online activities to keep them safe.

Data-Free Entertainment and Sport Streaming

A newcomer in the telco industry, OVO starts remarkably strong with their own streaming service OVOPlay. All plans, even the cheapest prepaid Mini plan at $9.95 per month, includes data-free streaming of entertainment and live sports. Some of OVO’s current media partners are Formula Drift, Australian Esport League, 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series, and Gymnastics Australia, Triple M and The Hit Network.

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