OVO Launches Year-Long Mobile Data Only Plan

OVO offers a wide range of services from their SIM-only mobile plans to their mobile broadband selections. All these, of course, are equipped with substantial data inclusions at affordable monthly rates with no lock-in contracts. But while most data allowances expire after 30 days, OVO’s Data – 365  lasts year-long!

If you often find yourself brooding over unused data, the OVO Data – 365 should be in your list of must-tries. The plan’s name pretty much gives it away — a data-only plan that can last up to 365 days. If you only use data occasionally, which results to paying for a service that you don’t fully use, then it only makes sense to purchase a plan that doesn’t auto-recharge every 30 days. Because only then will you have a peace of mind that your plan fees don’t go to waste.

OVO Data – 365

OVO Data – 365 gets you a combination of unlimited OVO Time plus 15GB of data at $99.95/365 days. OVO Time is the data-free hours you can stream sports and other content exclusive to OVO via OVOPlay. With your 15GB data allowance, you can browse the internet, check emails, and scroll your social media feed every now and then.

Auto-recharge happens every 365 days so you won’t be obliged to eagerly exhaust your data just because it’s the end of the month. In the case that you change your mind about wanting your plan to auto-recharge after a year, you can always choose to turn this feature off using OVO’s website. And if you run out of data, you can purchase a Top up credit or recharge manually. You can only recharge once every 30 days.

Get Double the Data from OVO!

Score twice the data on all prepaid plans for the same price thanks to OVO’s FansFirst Promise. Get unlimited talk & text in Oz + data-free live streaming on OVOPlay from $14.95/30days.

Minimum Term

When you sign up to any of OVO’s mobile plans, you’re not tied to any lengthy contracts so there’s no minimum term. With OVO Data – 365, your data expires every 365 days with no data rollover. Since there’s no minimum contract, you can also cancel whenever you want without paying any charges. However, any unused allowances or credit won’t be refunded.

Transferring to Another Plan

If you want to switch to another plan you can without any charges as long as it’s done at least 30 days after your latest recharge. To transfer to another plan, contact the OVO team via live chat or their customer support hotline. OVO Data – 365 is just an option for those who need all the time they can get to ensure that no data is wasted. Otherwise, you’re still free to switch to another plan. Whatever suits your needs.

Additional Data

If you’ve run out of data, you can top up 500MB for $5 or 1GB for $10. You can purchase up to 3GB of extra data. For customers who are overseas, they can get OVO Data Roaming as an additional service on the OVO Dashboard for $15 or $30.

Data-Only Plans

OVO’s data-only plans are generally packed with value with prices that aren’t legit causes for worry because they’re within the means. OVO Data – Small includes 5GB of data at $19.95/30 days. OVO Data – Large is next with 15GB at $39.95/30 days. This is followed by OVO Data – X-Large with 50GB — now in its discounted cost of $49.95/30 days from the previous $59.95 price.

The Takeaway

OVO Data – 365 is designed to serve customers and their need for utmost flexibility. Nonetheless, choosing this plan doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it definitely or that’ll defy the purpose it’s been made to provide in the first place. Instead, you can still transfer to another plan, manually recharge every 30 days, or purchase additional data whenever the need for it arrives.

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