New streaming service Ozflix launches


New streaming service Ozflix to launch on Australia Day


Are you a fan of Australian content? We have some good news. New streaming service Ozflix has just launched – a video on demand platform specialising in Australian films. The service is entering an already-crowded streaming market, but it might have found the niche that will help it stand out.


The aim of the streaming platform is to collect and offer users “every Aussie movie, ever.” Titles will cost between $3.79 and $6.79 to view and the movies won’t be removed or replaced. That means that once a title is on the platform, it will be there forever. A pretty great way to make Aussie film accessible for local and international audiences alike.

“Our objective, or mission of streaming every Aussie movie needs to be explained. Of course they will not all be available at launch, there are too many and they can be hard to find these days. Over the first few years we will steadily seek them out and add more Aussie movies, large and small, recent and classics, until we have them all, and unlike other services, they will stay on Ozflix and never be deleted,” service representatives say.

To use Ozflix, you’ll need to sign up. Once a member, you’ll be able to rent or buy titles from the catalogue. Renting only makes the movies available for a predetermined period of time. When available, content will be in HD.

Users will be able to watch on PCs running Windows 7+ and Intel-based Macs running OSX 10.7+ (Lion). Alternatively, you can also use Chromecast – from a Chrome web browser or from Opera web browser with the Cast extension installed. There aren’t any mobile apps yet, but they’ll probably come somewhere down the road. Compare more streaming services here.