Watch the Hilarious Trailer for BoJack Horseman Season 2

If you enjoyed the first instalment of Netflix’s animated comedy BoJack Horseman, you’re likely going to go nuts for the series’ sophomore season. Judging by the trailer, BoJack is doing his best to become a better person this year, to hilarious results.

BoJack is turning a new leaf in season 2. He has the job of his dreams and a brand new attitude, so he looks determined to win at life. Things don’t go smoothly though, and we get to see him struggling with his new situation. A struggle than includes fighting with Princess Caroline, worrying about his career, and embarking on a new romance.

Lisa Kudrow (Friends) joins BoJack Horseman‘s amazing ensemble cast in season 2. You can watch all episodes when they hit Netflix on July 17.