Watch a Touching Trailer for Netflix’s New Original Documentary Tig

Was there ever a time when the universe seemingly worked to make your life miserable? Comedian Tig Notaro knows the feeling too well, as she lost her mother and was diagnosed with cancer in the same year. The latest Netflix original documentary tells her story, and we have a trailer that will definitely make you want to tune in.

2012 was a bad, bad year for comedian Tig Notaro. She had to deal with a life threatening infection, lost her mother, and was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, all in a short period of time. While this would be enough to knock anybody over, she channeled her pain into her work and delivered some memorable series of standup performances. The latest Netflix original documentary, Tig, tells her story, and the heartwarming trailer was just released by the streaming giant.

Based on this preview, Tig will make for some powerful viewing. The documentary will hit Netflix on July 17. Make sure you tune in to find out just how the comedian managed to turn profound pain into an ongoing punch line, both on and off the stage. We could all use a bit of inspiration in our lives.